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We call them on the regular and they are excellent. Thank you for all of the help. Big Bend AHEC

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Mark got us fixed up quickly, no issues!

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A little disappointing. My husband took his computer in because he got a pop-up to call a number to unlock his computer. I believe this is called ransomware. He had already paid these same people $88 to unlock it before..which means he allowed this company to get into his computer, thereby having access to all kinds of things. Whomever waited on him never told him why this happen, what he could to prevent it again or tips on how to keep his laptop safe. All they said was- 'couldn't really find anything wrong' here's your computer, that will be $.... And it took 4 days to return it to him.

This is the second time we've had a less than favorable experience. The first time was when his computer died and he was told for $200 he could get a new battery and that all would be well. This was not accurate. Upon purchasing the battery, all was still lost for whatever reason. He did get a refund on this purchase but again, it was weeks of frustration, not just a couple of days.

So - we will continue to try to find a computer company that really specializes in private, personal computers. But customer service is not ON Call's forte.

On Call Computer Solutions LLC replied:

Hello Chrys,

Thank you for your review. We appreciate honest and sincere feedback. We were unaware that you were at all dissatisfied with our efforts and I believe there may be some parts of your story you have left out. The reason it took 4 days was because our staff were going to every length possible to get your data back after you were infected with a virus that encrypts everything on your hard drive. We understand you may be disappointed that we could not get your data back, however, we gave it every last effort and that is why it took so long.

In regards to your laptop battery, again, I believe there are several parts of this story that are left out. Among other things there was a lot of back and forth conversation between our technicians and you about what you wanted to do on this repair and the new battery did fix one of the problems you had, you just decided not to repair everything because you were putting too much money into an old laptop which we understand.

We are constantly working to deliver the best customer service experience possible and I'm afraid in both of these cases there just wasn't much we could do for you and we understand your frustration. However, it does not change the incredible amount of effort we put into solving your problems and getting you back into the best shape possible given the circumstances. Some cases like a full blown crypto locker virus infection will never have a good outcome. In these situations there was nothing we could do other than refund the parts - weeks after you picked up and began using the new battery.

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Matt is always awesome to work with. Responsive, punctual, thorough and extremely polite to my entire staff and above all, he is patient with them. I appreciate that because some of us are not as computer savvy as others.

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Arrived promptly at the scheduled time. Took little more than 10 minutes to diagnose, then repair the problem. Explained to me WHY I was having the problem.

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Professional, great to work with.

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It's obvious with each and every interaction that customer service and making a customer feel appreciated and well taken care of are top priorities. There is also an overwhelming attitude of confidence that these guys can deliver their services.

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Our computer was down and our printer had not communicated with the printer for a month. I was afraid we would need a new computer or printer or both. I had been paying Dell Support referrals $100 about every 3 months. They were helping my computer limp along but they were lying to me a lot & scaring us . Finally I contacted On-Call Computer and they came to my home quickly. The Senior Technician evaluated my problem. He took the hard drive back to his office. He called & text several times. He listened to me and what I had been doing to help myself. As a senior citizen I was so pleased with his courtesy. He was very competent and told me what he was doing and the related costs. I felt he worked quickly and efficiently. He brought our computer back to our home within a few days, setting it up for us again. Then he restored our printer, saving us money. I am glad to use a local business. I appreciate the Senior Technician and his skills. THANKS!

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Brian was courteous on the phone and arrived early to fix the glitch from the Windows 7 download. Thank you for helping this "old goat Luddite" with her computer problems!

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Like the new guy. Miss Mark