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LOVE LOVE LOVE Danielle!!! Her facials are unbelievably wonderful, and so is she!

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The font desk girl was very sweet and kind.

The staff member who performed the laser on my son was professional, but I do not believe that she deals with children often. She explained how painful and what it would feel like and then listed all of the things that could happen to his skin such as burning him. He was in tears prior to the treatment even starting, she did the first round and then asked him if he wanted to do another. When he said no, since he is 8 years old and wouldn't want to do that again, she put her tool down and was complete. I feel that those details could have been told to myself only and she should have controlled when the laser was performed and not asking him to say go. My concern is also that we were supposed to do two rounds on each of his marks and we only got one. I was told I need to come back for the next treatment and would have to pay for the full treatment again.

We have an appointment and I would like to either request someone different or please speak with her and inform her that we will just simply complete the procedure and she will do the laser at her time and not ask a child to tell her when to do this.

After we left my 8 year old told me that it was scarier than it was painful. Her saying how painful it could be and then covering his eyes and he couldn't see anything.

Thank you for your time, I am hopeful this feedback comes across as helpful and not rude. I just felt it could have went so much easier.

O'Neill Plastic Surgery replied:

Thank you for taking the time to provide valuable feedback for our team! We will use this information to improve our appointments in order to provide an exceptional experience for our patients.

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I love the staff! They are so kind and so informative.

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Char was fantastic! Super friendly, helpful in offering advice on my skincare needs and informative. Will definitely be back!

5 stars Customer since 2021

When I first went in, I was super nervous to get CoolSculpting done. However, Kayla was obviously very knowledgable about the whole process and made everything as comfortable as possible.

Overall, the staff at O’Neill Plastic Surgery were very professional and kind and I will definitely be back again.

5 stars Verified customer

Best care, advice and service.

5 stars Customer since 2021

They explained the process and made me feel less anxious about the procedure. They took their time to ensure they were precise but worked quickly.

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Although the surgery itself went well, I had more than one issue with my experience at O'Neill Plastic Surgery. Firstly, I had multiple issues with scheduling (including the office rescheduling one of my set appointments). This was particular problematic for me as I was driving from out of town, and any changes to my schedule significantly impacted me. I also felt like the communication in general between the office and myself could have been better. I had been given absolutely no pre-surgery instructions, nor was I given any idea what the day of the procedure would look like. It was a bit disconcerting to come into the office the day of the procedure having no idea what to expect.

I was provided absolutely no pain management after my surgery, which was insane to me. I had to ask for a Tylanol in office. Then, I had to request to be prescribed extra strength Tylanol after my procedure, as I felt like having no pain medication post-op seemed unusual. In fact, at one point the doctor had asked me if I had brought any over the counter pain medication with me to my surgery, which was beyond strange.

I was told after my procedure that I would not be prescribed any higher level pain medication as my procedure was not considered the type that would allow for that level of medication (not sure how else to word that). I was in extreme pain the days following the procedure and had significant bruising that took about 3 to 4 weeks to completely heal. I was unable to move for about 3 days post-op, so the complete lack of pain management given to me was absurd and unnecessary. To give a comparison: I had my wisdom teeth removed about a month after my procedure and that recovery was faster, less painful, and I STILL was prescribed pain medication just in case.

Another bizarre occurrence was that I was verbally provided my follow up instructions by the doctor and nurse right after my procedure. Typically, I think a patient would be given some written follow up instructions that they could reference in case they forget what the doctor told them. Because I had just had my stomach cut open, I was struggling a little bit to concentrate on the full list of instructions the doctor had told me post op. I had to call the doctors office the day after because I had forgotten half of the instructions and had nothing to refer to.

Aside from this, the staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. As mentioned above, the procedure itself went well, and I am overall happy with the results. The quality of care around the procedure, however, has much to be desired and resulted in an overall negative experience.

O'Neill Plastic Surgery replied:

We are so sorry to hear about your negative experience. Thank you for your feedback. We strive to meet the unique needs of each of our patients, and we will use this assessment to improve our processes in the hopes of creating an exceptional experience for every patient we have the honor of caring for.

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5 stars Customer since 2021

Very knowledgeable and personable staff. Char listened to my concerns and proceed accordingly. My appointment was last night and I have already recommended Char to a friend.

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