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97.7% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Verified customer

Everyone is always very kind and helpful!

4 stars Verified customer

Great cut but the price is over the top.

5 stars Verified customer

Staff was extremely helpful and attentive.

5 stars Verified customer

My experience was a very positive from beginning to ending.

I would not have a problem recommending Onu.

5 stars Verified customer

I always look forward to going for my hair appointment. Jelana is amazing!

5 stars Customer since 2017

Have been going to only Aveda salons for 18 years. Great products and vibe. This one has incentives which I've never experienced. The stylist knows what she's doing. Have been trying to find one for 10+ years to style it in a particular way, using same foto of my hair from before- she completely understood my hair and within moments got me so close to what I've been trying to achieve for years!

5 stars Verified customer

My experience was wonderful, the stylist helped me decide exactly what to do with my hair and executed the cut to perfection. Then she styled it and made it look gorgeous, she did an excellent job.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Alexa was AMAZING! She walked me through her steps, told me what would look good and what wouldn't, and how much or little maintenance would be required for the cut and color I was looking for. She even sat with me and chatted while my hair was setting which I totally appreciated! I absolutely love my new do, and am so glad I visited this salon. I've already sent a recommendation to a friend telling her she HAS to visit!

5 stars Customer since 2013

Alexa did d a wonderful job straightening out my trouble spots that had come with growing my hair out of it's short style. And the color she did is lovely!

4 stars Customer since 2017

I came to ONU Salon due to having moved to Tennessee in 11/15 and still had not found a salon that could or would do my hair as I wanted it done. As a new customer you do receive $20 off your very first time customer service which is great because their services are a bit on the higher side of pricing but I was willing to pay more because I was having such a hard time finding someone to do my hair as I

wanted it. They do have different levels of pricing depending on the level of experience of the stylist you end up with based on who they put you with after a few questions, which I have found to be consistent with most Aveda salons. I was a level 2 pricing and level 3 was the highest and it, the level 2 was a little on the high side in my opinion. My total service with the $20 off was $145 without tip which I did add 20%.

My hair was short already (above shoulder, on neck length) and I wanted a very short pixie type hair cut, a bilevel cut, where the top part is short but a linger length and lighter in color while the bottom is shorter in length while being darker in color.. My hair color is dark brown and I wanted the top part a strawberry blonde foil and leave the bottom color either as is or blend in the foiled color towards the end so the end two colors there wouldn't be a major difference.

The stylist started to do that then figured out a better way to do it by basically asking me if I didn't mind the top being all the lighter color and towards the end of the color process she would blend the color into the bottom dark brown part in like I asked. It turned out like I asked along with the approved change she made. The color was just a little off, not by much at all but I couldn't tell til I came home and it was such a slight difference I figured a few days in the sun and it would be perfect! The haircut was perfect! The stylist was asking all along the whole process if everything was what I wanted and it was was. I did give her a bit of freedom to do what she thought would be best for my color & cut and she did a great job!

The only thing I was a bit disappointed with is that you get a questionnaire when you first come in for a complimentary service off of 2 items out of 4 or 5 that they let you choose from. Now I can't remember what all they were but one was a hot facial mask with I believe a cleanser, one was a aromatherapy type service and another was I believe a moisturizing service for you hair and I don't remember the other 1 or 2 items. I marked the aromatherapy type service and sorry I don't remember what the other one was because it was on Sunday the 30th and my memory isn't serving me well. The stylist did ask me during my wait for color processing if I wanted the hot facial while I was waiting for my hair to process and I said no thanks because I physically couldn't deal with that and also thinking she was offering me a service that would be extra on top of the complimentary services plus I thought the other complimentary services that I marked on the sheet would come after some time while finishing my color and cut.

Now with all that being said I may have recieved the extra moisturizing service and wasn't told but I didn't receive any other complimentary service that I know about.

So the stylist finished up drying and I really likes it and she must of really liked it because she asked me if she could take a few pics of it me assuming to possibly show other customers that may want a similar service. After that I went ahead and paid for my services, they did give me a small complimentary moisturizer for my hair since it was color treated (maybe that was the moisturizer treatment?).

It is my fault for leaving and forgetting to ask about those 2 complimentary services. Did I get them or not? Overall, I was satisfied with my color and cut services, she did a great job. I was with a stylist that was what I would consider quieter than most meaning she didn't discuss any of the complimentary services at all and while asking me all along if what she was doing is what I wanted she was otherwise quiet.

What I would say is to make sure if your a first time customer make sure you totally understand, no matter what level of pricing you decide to pay, what are the complimentary services and make sure you know when and if you are getting them which I have admitted was my fault at the end for not asking because I was caught off guard when she asked to take pictures of my hair...I am easily distracted.

Onu Salon replied:

Tina, Thank you taking time to let us know how we did as we are always striving to offer better service to our clients. We apologize that we were not more clear as to when and how the complimentary experiences were to be done and would love to make this up to you. We will be reaching out to you soon. Again, we apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Thank You,

ONU Salon