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What others had to say

5 stars Customer since 2017

Dr. Elton does an exemplary job of attending his patients. He quickly and efficiently adjusted my retainers to close a recent space between my teeth. He knew exactly how to correct the spacing and didn’t have to ponder his decision—very confident and competent in his work. That’s what I like best about him.

The office staff was as helpful and pleasant as always. I was in and out of the office in short order so I could get back to work—I felt I wasted no time at all.

Thank you all.

2 stars Verified customer

~i had my retainer for a MONTH.. used it like they said, stored it in a safe place, put it in and took it out as directed AND IT BROKE IN A MONTH!! there is no warranty or guarantee and worse, the office kept suggesting my dog chewed on it or i stepped on it or someone messed w it to break it or blablabla SERIOUSLY??!! i told them my dog did NOT eat it, yes that MAY happen to other people but not to me.. i pointed out there were no dog marks and they moved on to the next excuse for how i broke it.. im TERRIFIED cause i have to wear a retainer for years and at $150 a month thats $1800 a year, $3600 in two, GET MY FEAR??!! I ASKED OTHER ORTHOS ABOUT THIS and some do have warranties, all of them would have replaced it the first time for free since it was in excellent shape except the crack, however most charged more than $150 when it is your fault and it has to be replaced.. SUX cause i was hoping to spend $500 on a new set, so that iD have a back up on vacation.. not anymore!! i have to budget in $150 a month for repairs.. PLUS they said they didnt do anything wrong, so made the same retainer.. WHAT MAKES THEM THINK THIS RETAINER WILL BE DIFFERENT AND LAST LONGER?? OMGoodness i think MAYBE they took my braces off to early and my so my teeth are still moving and pushing to hard on the retainers to go back.. I DONT KNOW, except that im out $150 and theres no plan to do anything different to make it last longer than a month :(