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New Dr for me -Dr Lin

Very nice and thorough

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I was pleased with Dr Lin and her assistance with my HRT. She was informative and took the time to review various options I could consider at this point in time. It was the guidance I was seeking. Thank you Dr. Lin!

4 stars Customer since 2013

I’ve been with this group for over 20 years and have always received the highest level of care. My only suggestion is related to the wait time vs appointment time. I understand that the physicians may run behind schedule but if the wait is going to be greater than 15 minutes, it would be helpful for the receptionist to make the patient aware of the potential delay to manage expectations.

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*this review is for the receptionist*

Does the receptionist’s family own the practice? How is she still employed here? Everyone else is so wonderful, except for her. She could definitely be more friendly and warm when communicating. Basic eye contact when talking to a patient would be nice. Her demeanor is borderline rude.

4 stars Verified customer

NP Mati was great. Super friendly and knowledgeable. She was patient and inclusive with my partner and myself. I felt like the receptionist was cold and irritated. I feel like she would benefit from some additional training in order to make patients feel more welcomed when checking in and out of their appointments.

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Very nice , very professional.

5 stars Customer since 2021

Short wait times and they give you the attention you need in the appointments so it didn’t feel rushed.

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Excellent experience:)

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I had very mixed feelings about my visit. This is the first time I have ever been to this practice . Upon checking in the receptionist, Emily, greeted me walking up to the checkin window by putting her hand up to me in a “wait to speak to me” nature. I couldn’t see from where I was standing but I realized she was with someone so I waited patiently for when she was ready for me. When she did acknowledge me she was not very friendly or gave me any greeting while checking me in. I gave her all of my paperwork and info and was all checked in. I saw her give multiple patients checking in treatment very similar to mine. It gave me the feeling that we were all very much a bother to her. My actual visit was WONDERFUL. The MA Hannah and my NO Matti were so friendly, warm, and knowledgeable. Truly I don’t think I’ve ever had a better experience with a GYN appt. Upon leaving my provider let me know to go back up to the receptionist to schedule my next appt. Once again Emily treated me, and another patient who came up to her other window, as though we were very much a bother to her. I did need to wait again as she was busy helping someone else but that was no big deal I found a chair and waited, even though she didn’t take any time to acknowledge that I was there or to let me know to take a seat until she was finished. At no point during this conversation did she make eye contact with me. Upon leaving I even told her thank you and I hoped she had a nice day but once again, no response. I worked for years as a receptionist and insurance person in an ER so I am fully aware how taxing and difficult it can be to help keep a medical facility running like the admin staff do, but basic politeness is NOT a big ask for anyone in anyone position to give. I have full intentions to go back to this practice as the entire medical staff was literally that good, but I really hope that someone speaks with their receptionist and perhaps finds some ways to support her so she does not come across as so unwelcoming to every single person who checks in.

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Nancy is awesome! Fast, efficient, Knowledgeable.