97.8% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Customer since 2018

I felt so cared for and the staff is so kind.

3 stars Customer since 2009

Dental hygienist was very knowledgeable..

5 stars Customer since 2009

Staff always friendly. They are always willing to work out a easy payment plan for you.

5 stars Verified customer

as always, prompt, courteous experience. The ability to get your crown the same day is great.

5 stars Customer since 2016

This is my first time visiting and I will say I had such a nice experience I have had a fear of dentist for many years but I felt comfortable there and Doctor P was amazing he gave me shots in my mouth that I barely felt and the work he'd done was excellent I'm so glad that I found a good dentist here in Phoenix finally

1 stars Verified customer

Dentist had office call me to make appointment for teeth cleaning , you call any office in Phoenix and it is not over $200.00 , Offiice got paid nearly a year ago their book keeping had no idea who I was even after telling them, there is big turn over in this office, the book keeping just happened to make sure that they used all my credit up in one visit , $1000 dollars + , I wanted a tooth repair, I TRUSTED this Dentist but no more, no return call , did not come into my cubicle after I requested to talk to him , was told he was not there but I heard his voice , he has now become a scam artist of the dental community , I am putting one star because site will not accept review till I do. THIS IS BAD BUSINESS a SCAM HE PULLED , maybe I should charge him interest for my money he had for nearly a year, he could of given my money back during that time but they kept it and made no effort to return it back to me , that only happens when someone has spent it already,

1 stars Verified customer

I was called to make an appointment to come in and have my teeth cleaned , after being there for hour , someone new from billing department came and sat next To me selling me on a yearly plan which I did not want, also I was handed a bill ,$1133.00 a bill that is printed in code , I requested that

Allen A. Peyghambarian come an speak with me , but he did not an I was rushed out the back door , I called an left my name to have him call back ,billing called to say that he would not talk to me , the women was rude an why would anyone go back after the Denist will not return his calls, is he hiding , how can you even be considered to be a good dentist if you can't talk to your customers, they had my money in advance for almost a year, The young girls that took care of me were good at what they did but the Dentist Allen A Peyghambarian is what they call a coward not even a man , just someone who pushes people through his practice for just the all mighty dollars, If you run a business this way ,you will find the word gets out and before you know it there are no move clients, don't fool yourself, I used to tell everyone to go there but not now , I am really disappointed

5 stars Customer since 2015

This is such a pleasant office from the reception desk to the entire staff. I feel very cared for!

5 stars Customer since 2015

Took care of my dental problem, did not do a quick fix and address the problem on another appointment. Great service.

5 stars Customer since 2010

Everyone was very kind and caring doctor P was great I had a pain free experience