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I always wanted bigger breasts. They run in the family and yet I was not blessed like my mom and younger sister. I bought bras that said they were “36B” but even that always felt like a lie. Every time I saw a topless woman I studied her breasts and compared them to mine, always trying to find someone like me.

It was many years later that I finally discovered what I had. A form of tuberous breasts that meant my breasts had not formed correctly. This condition had affected my self-esteem since puberty. I’d always been a bit shy or hesitant to take off my bra, though no lover had ever commented, it never mattered as I was thinking all the possible cruel things that could be said.

I moved to Seattle from the Bay Area two years ago, with my partner. For the first time in my life the idea of breast implants was not a crazy notion. My partner liked me just fine the way I was but he also knew how important it was to me to feel “normal” so we discussed it during our first year here and after careful consideration I reached a point where I felt - both physically and emotionally(and financially)- ready.

I made several appointments with plastic surgeons all around Seattle and surrounding cities. I knew it could take a while before I found someone who could do what I wanted. The very first appointment I had was at Partington Plastic Surgery with Dr. Windle.

I was greeted warmly by a lovely receptionist who brought me water and generally made me feel very comfortable. I did not wait long before I met with Pam who had great energy and Dr. Windle who immediately put me at ease with his fabulous sense of humour. They listened with compassion and Dr. Windle exuded confidence and expertise. I was told that I would have to do the submuscular implant at all, that I could have the desired outcome with subglandular implants. They also told me about the 24-hour Rapid Recovery protocol. I learned it was possible to have the surgery without going completely under anesthesia. All of this meant I could be in and out of surgery and on my way home much faster and have any risk associated with anesthesia greatly reduced. It also meant I would have a much shorter recovery time. I was so surprised and so excited that this was possible.

They gave me a packet of information as well as ways to finance. Then Pam helped me try on implants and helped me decide that I wanted round, rather than teardrop, implants. I wanted serious cleavage! I decided to adopt the motto “go big, or go home,” as I decided on my size of implants. We discussed the actual sizes my breast tissue and chest width could support. I went right up to that line though I do believe I went slightly smaller than the maximum. I do mean slightly. They allowed me to have pictures wearing the sample implants. Damn if I didn’t love the curvy figure I suddenly had! Bye-bye “pear” and hello “hourglass!”

But I still had several more doctors to meet and even though I felt so excited and so good about my visit I felt it irresponsible to go with the very first doctor I met.

The next doctor I met told me the exact opposite. Submuscular and gummy bear would not be effective. And he wanted to make incisions to expand the tissue. I was also warned of the “double-bubble”. Whatever that was. I have an idea but it felt like scare-tactics. He had me so worried and off-center. I didn’t know what to do so I emailed Pam and told her what the doctor said. She assured me that Dr. Windle was experienced in correcting tuberous breasts and that he remained firm on the plan we had come up with together. I still liked that plan. That plan had me going back to the gym much faster.

The next doctor had the most elaborate plan I had ever heard: submuscular, a periareolar breast lift which is a fancy way of saying move your nipples up. I also did not get to try on any samples but instead was told to bring in pictures of what I wanted to look like and he would, during the surgery, decide what to do. That felt weird to me and like I had very little say or control. And the amount of medications I would have to take including antibiotics and serious pain killers. I felt dejected and a little lost at what I should do.

Once again I reached out to Pam with what I had learned and once again I was gently reassured and my confidence was restored. That was it, I knew where I wanted to go, who I could trust with this special surgery. Dr Windle was the one.

I met with my surgical nurse Jill who was just fantastic and before I knew it, it was the day of my surgery.

The last time I’d had surgery was when I was 11 and had my tonsils removed. I was in unfamiliar territory. Everyone made me feel safe and comfortable, their excitement for me so genuine!

And then I drifted off to sleep, part of me aware but it was all so distant as TV on the Radio played over the speakers. I got to listen to my favorite band though I don’t remember much past the first song!

Next I awoke groggy and bundled up in my sports bra. I looked down at this suddenly huge chest of mine! Giddy and sleepy, I was greeted by my partner who helped me do the stretches that I needed to do to help speed recovery. The I went home to take a nap. That evening I went out to dinner just as I was promised could happen.

Not going to lie, I was in pain for a while. I couldn’t figure out why one small spot on my left breast hurt like crazy. I called Dr Windle and he had me come in. He explained that it was just nerves waking up and showed me a small massage motion to help it along. After that day, the pain was gone!

As the swelling calmed down and my new breasts softened, a new me was starting to emerge. Now I feel confident and proportional and just plain good about myself. I am so happy I made this decision and I’m so glad I chose to go with Dr Windle. He continues to be awesome and each check-up is enjoyable and informative.

Six months in and I've never felt better!

Thanks so much to the entire staff for your kindness and compassion!

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Very professional and enjoyable!

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professional and knowledgeable

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Thank you Dr. Partington and staff for taking time with your patients and for your excellent care!

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I love when staff is running late so I can hang out with Exotic. She is the best!! Dr Partington spent an hour discussing my skin issues and possible future treatments. He even offered to call my dermatologist to consult with. He was warm and caring. I look forward to my next appt with the office!

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I very much appreciated Dr Partington's attention to detail and willingness to discuss every option with regard to a procedure. I do get very self conscious when people are critiquing my appearance.

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I saw Dr. Windle for my very first botox injection. Previously, I had met with and had Dr. Partington perform my breast reconstruction surgery. As expected of this office, Dr. Windle did not disappoint. He was very knowledgeable and professional. He answered all the questions I had and showed great concern for my needs. I would recommend anyone entertaining the idea of plastic surgery of any kind to meet with the great Doctor's and staff at this office.

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If you are even considering having any special work done, do yourself a favor and go to Dr Partington! I am back after almost 19 years to see him again. You will love it there!

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After my breast cancer journey, I had developed anxiety when faced with medical appointments. I left the office feeling beautiful and I had not had anything done yet! This was just my consultation! Lovely staff and kind knowledgable Dr! Can't wait to come back!

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Very friendly, professional, trustworthy and efficient !

I feel very comfortable getting services at this office