100.0% would refer friends and family to us

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The students were professional and knowledgeable as well as good listeners.

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Most students take pride in learning their new skills and putting them into action.

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Great environment. Great reaction time between student and teacher. Great communication between what I wanted and what

the student was going to do to I make it happen. Very happy with the outcome!!! I

5 stars Customer since 2021

I've been going to the Paul Mitchell School at Bel Mar for 4 years. The students are always friendly.

4 stars Customer since 2021

Appointments are really long.

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The service and the friendly nature of everybody including the front desk and the instructor and especially the stylist student was phenomenal they explained everything stage by stage of what they were doing always checked in on me I am a huge supporter of the school now and will follow my stylist anywhere and always recommend the school for people loved my experience and the kindness of everybody and the respect that the instructor gives the student is very visible Kayla is the instructor and she always was very gracious and kind to the stylus when she had questions Sophia was amazing and I will continue to use her

2 stars

My experience as this "school" was an interesting one. I'll start from the beginning.

When I toured Paul Mitchell I was highly impressed with the admissions team and the look of the school itself. I had toured multiple schools but Paul Mitchell the School Denver was simply just beautiful and the vibe I got was great. Upon meeting the admissions team, I was promised a strong hands on approach to the "skin" aspect of the hair, skin, and nails concept of the program. Seeing as how that was the most appealing part to me, they sold me on their cosmetology program.

Once school began I fell in love. We went through our first phase in school called "Core" which lasted 6 weeks. Stuck in a room for 12 hours a day with no windows felt like torture but I was committed to get through it. The next phase was called "Protege" in which I took everything I learned in Core and put it to practice with a little more depth. Next phase was "Phase 1." On the clinic classroom floor is where everything goes down. I got to start interacting with other LLs (learning leaders, teachers) more. I got start making friends outside my core group. I got a little more creative freedom with my clients. I made great relationships with my fellow classmates and I consider them my salon sisters. I made great relationships with my teachers as well. I learned a lot from that school when it came to hair. Personally for most of my school career I truly had a great time and I had a lot of fun. I will forever remember what I was taught and the relationships I gained because of that school. However some of the foul things I watched take place there has to be recognized.

While going to school I watched teachers play favorites with students in which teachers would sign off on boxes for students for getting them lunch. That's just one example of the many other things they'd sign boxes for excluding doing the actual work for the box. All the while that was going on there were students working to the bone to get the bare minimum of credit for the work they did or in a lot of cases teachers wouldn't sign them at all. In return that made them behind on their boxes and if you're behind on them you can potentially be suspended. Still don't understand that logic.

I watched students be bullied and the adminstration did nothing about it.

I watched students verbally threaten the lives of other students and the administration did nothing.

I watched a student threaten to shoot up the school and the adminstration did nothing about it. That student still goes to school there.

I watched teachers come to school drunk from the night before and have it severely effect their performance as a teacher.

I watched six amazing teachers in a span of two months quit because they were being treated horribly by the management of the school. Teachers coming to school drunk actually makes sense now.

I watched one amazing teacher who had been there for many years get fired for doing nothing wrong but they made sure to try to pin something on her so it would make it look like it was legitimate.

I watched students smoke marijuana pens and even pipes outside on the terrace while the teachers are also on the terrace. I couldn't tell if they were ok with it or if they were just oblivious but the terrace wreaks of marijuana constantly so I don't get how they couldn't know.

I watched a student who was clearly and I mean clearly drunk on the clinic classroom floor giving a haircut to a guest. It was reported and the teachers sent her home with zero repercussions.

I watched a student tell on another student solely for having marijuana on their person(not in use) and they were expelled for it.

I watched teachers talk down, disrepect, embarrass, and mortify students who were 30 years their senior just because they were in a position of power.

I myself had a number of times when teachers talked to me like I was a child or dumb and I am at least 10 years older than these teachers. Amongst all the hanous things I had to watch go on between teachers and students, and teachers and management, it still all comes down to the school itself and what they provide or lack there of.

What school doesn't have ONE COMPUTER for students to type up and print out an essay that is mandatory?

What school doesn't provide ONE CLASSROOM for a student to sit down and type up a mandatory essay on their personal laptop since the school doesn't provide a single computer for student use.

What beauty school gives students boxes for services that the school doesn't offer? Ex. On one box set I was assigned 18 pedicures but the school doesn't offer pedicures as a service. Their expectation for us was to write out 25 steps of how to perform a basic pedicure on a piece of paper 18 times. What the hell kind of education is that? That's like being punished for cussing when you were in middle school and the teacher would tell you to write "I will not curse at school" on the chalk board 50 times during recess. I can wrap my head around writing steps 3 times on a single box sheet but 18??? 18 times?? That's not education. That's torture.

What beauty school makes students practice acrylic nails on a laminated piece of paper with fingers printed on it? The school once again doesn't offer acrylic nail services so we practice on each other or we practice on a laminated piece of paper. One box set has 12 boxes of acrylics when we don't offer it as a service!

It's the same thing when it comes to facials. Just recently does the school now offer facial services at the school. However we can you do a facial when we have the proper things to do a facial which was never. I could have as much as 20 facials on a box sheet and the expectation was to either write out the 20 steps to a basic facial 20 times or we would practice on a rubber head which wasn't practice at all.

This brings me back to the initial reason as why I started going to Paul Mitchell. I wanted to specialize in skin and I barely touched skin. In the 13 months I was there I did one facial and that was in Core when I very first started school. Upon graduation I thought about all the ridiculous things I witnessed and I was glad to be out of that toxic environment of a school.

I'm one to mind my own business. I do what I'm told with no questions asked. I keep my head down and my eyes on the prize which was graduating. That was the only way I was able to make it through that school with my sanity and dignity still intact. I was also older than my peers which made a difference for me when a lot of those students are from the ages 18-22. Most of them can't mentally and maturely handle going to that school and what it entails. If you want to be a cosmetologist explore your options deeply. Know exactly what you're getting yourself into before signing anything. Paul Mitchell is a hair school and if you don't care about anything but hair then go but you are forewarned of what goes on in that school.

5 stars

Again, had a great experience. Did take much longer than hoped, but my stylist did a great job! Full highlights take quite awhile. LOVED that several of her classmates came to help get all the foils in! I love teamwork. My go to place for my salon needs!

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Every time I go get my hair cut at Paul Mitchell I always have a great experience and a great hair cut for the price. I know that the students are cutting your hair but they have to learn on real people as well. That makes them a more rounded person so that when they go out to get a job they have experience already

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Everyone is amazing!