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My stylist was Awesome as usual.

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The right "hair salon" for a haircut!

S Case

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I was quite a bit disappointed with the service I received. The woman at the front desk was great, her name is Chrisoula.

But as I went back with my stylist, things went downhill. One of the teachers was constantly on my stylist's butt about something. I realize students need help, but it was absolutely embarrassing and awkward to sit there as he yelled at her. She wasn't even doing anything worth yelling over. I'm pretty sure his name was Kevin. He was more concerned about rushing my service than doing it properly, as the stylist also pointed out and I completely agreed with. Him rushing her ended up with me not getting the hair color I truly desired. It's pretty, but it's far from what I had wanted. And I know some of the blame goes on the stylist as well for that too.

So I was pretty shocked when I saw my hair was not a bold, dark red like I'd wanted. It was light and orangey at the top and then slowly goes into a gingery brown towards the ends. I didn't even want my hair orangey at all, I picked out my color from the swatch and everything, and they both knew my desired result, but failed to deliver. And if it was something that required multiple sessions to get my desired color, I wish they'd told me and I would've been more okay and acceptant of the color my hair had turned out. But I don't even know if that was the case or not, I was under the impression I was getting my bold dark red color that day. I have a scheduled appointment coming up, but I'm honestly thinking of canceling and taking my service elsewhere. Not even because my color was messed up, even though I'm upset about that, but mostly I don't want to come back just to have this same guy yell at my stylist and then have a rushed and sloppy result again. That was so embarrassing and I feel like it's more worth it to spend the extra cash on someone else fixing their mistake.

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My stylist was sweet but very unsure of what to do... my biggest complaint was that it took 2.5 hours for a trim! way way too long. Got some good direction from the Lead teacher on call.. wish he had checked in more... My style called for some stacking, but no one wanted to do that... oh well. Not sure I'll be back.

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Emma was amazing. Great service and always a great experience!!!!

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Brooklyn did a great job. Very professional and attentive to detail. The learning leaders were helpful and supportive. Everyone is very friendly and efficient. Including the front office staff, especially Kristen. Thank you for a great service all the way around.

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I am always pleased when I go to Paul Mitchell's expecially love my hair stylist Brooklyn

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Jordan's the best. A natural.

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I have gone to schools to get my hair done for two reasons, one is the girls need to learn on someone and they don’t do bad work and two I am retired now and can’t afford to spend a lot. I will say I haven’t gone to one that charged extra to mix up a bowl of color. Even the box colors always have enough to cover someone’s hair. This time they used 3 bowls, I have never needed 3 bowls. I am usually not a complainer but that didn’t make me happy.

The girls are always pleasant. The products are ok.

I also don’t think it should cost 10.00 to use a flat iron.

I just moved here about 1 1/2 years ago and schools I have gone to do there pricing a little different.

5 stars Customer since 2015

I’ve been having my hair done (cut and color) at Paul Mitchell for 3 yrs. now and have never been disappointed!