Paws & Claws Veterinary Hospital

5 stars Verified customer

Paws & Claws is the best emergency hospital I have been to. They treated both my dogs with excellent care. Just knowing they are here in Tracy is really comforting. Very compassionate doctors and staff.

2 stars Verified customer

I initially made the appointment for 1:30pm, but whoever took my phone call put it in for 11:30 instead. I know I would not have scheduled an 11:30 because I work until 12:30. Luckily, I was able to call and change it to 4:00.

I got there 5 minutes early but with the line and no one working in the front it took about 10-15 minutes after my appointment time just to get checked in. My dog only needed a heart worm test ( which seemed unnecessary since she has never missed a dose of heart guard but they insisted she get one anyway) so that we could get a prescription for more heart guard. We were there almost an hour which, to me, seems excessively long for a basic blood test.

The entire place seemed disorganized and chaotic. No one was at the front desk for a majority of the time I was waiting and when I asked for estimates on other vaccines that my dog needed I only got a list and NOT price estimates, which is what I was asking for.

Ive previously used paws and claws and liked their service but the last few times have been like this. They need to get a better system for organizing appointments or hire more people.

5 stars Verified customer

The prescription work for my dog (after about five hours). The symptom had gone.

The charger is reasonable and people are friendly. Thanks.

2 stars Verified customer

Fees are way to high

I googled a lost cosy vet clinic and they were anything but low cost.

Took everything I had to pay for a foxtail sticker to be removed from my Pomeranian's ear.

I was first given an estimate of $400 -$800 dollars!

Needless to say I was in shock.

We need more people like doctor Jeff in Colorado that cares more about our pets then ripping off people

5 stars Verified customer

Excellent service. Unfortunately very expensive!

5 stars Verified customer


5 stars Verified customer

Doctor Sam Varon was caring, compassionate, and thorough - he took care of my cat appropriately. Appreciate the fact that he took time to listen and he provided good guidance.

5 stars Verified customer

Our dog Koda had just had surgery that day and was apparently having some difficulty coming out of the anesthesia and adjusting to the "cone" around her neck. This caused her to jump around and completely scare us. Dr. Sam and his staff were wonderful! We left her with them and they were there all thru the night keeping her calm and helping her adjust.

3 stars Verified customer

They were very attentive to my dog who was found and brought in. Unfortunately the gentleman on the phone couldn't answer none of my simple questions I had for him. I am grateful they took care of my dog till pick up.

5 stars Verified customer

Last year our beloved boxer had his stomach flip. It was fathers day at 11pm. We luckily made it in time to paws & claws. They were able to save our oups life with surgery. -The Musskopfs