Payson Family Pet Hospital

5 stars Customer since 2017

The staff is always friendly and attentive. I arrived one time for my appointment and there were a lot of people there picking up their furry babies, and the person at the counter checked me in when she saw me come in while she was taking care of the other folks. Awesome!

5 stars Customer since 2017

I Had a dog fall off a 30ft cliff on a Sunday and I called Payson family pet hospital expecting a recording and when a nurse answered I was like are you guys open and she said for an emergency yes and I said well this is a emergency and I was on my way she called the doctor and he came in and fixed my dog up they have a bad ass staff

5 stars Customer since 2002

Our Green Wing Macaw has received excellent care from Dr Ipson and staff for the past 17 years. Would recommend any animal lover who care about their favorite creatures to consider The

Payson Family Pet Hospital's services.

4 stars Customer since 2018

My only criticism is that I was kept waiting and front desk seemed chaotic.

5 stars Customer since 2016

Service was great. Very friendly staff and Clean environment.

5 stars Verified customer

Caring staff and very knowledgeable doctor!

4 stars Customer since 2009

I love the service provided by PFPH. They are our go to for our veterinary and boarding needs. The staff is all kind, friendly, and genuinely cares about the pets. Each vet has always devoted sufficient time with me and my endless question before a procedure is done. I trust PFPH with my pets and feel they have the pets best interest in mind.

My only complaint, I say complaint lightly because it has nothing to do with the care or service I have received it is with the pricing. I board my dogs 2-3 times a year and the past 2 times boarding my pets, the price has increased. Now I know my dogs are in good hands and well taken care of but I was shocked when I got back from my most recent trip and the boarding price had increased. Half of this is my fault, I should asked pricing and will for now on but I feel as a repeat customer they could have said, “Hey by the way, our price has increased.” Also, I supply my own food, I would appreciate if I got a discount for this, as you don’t have the expense of providing them food.

Also, I would love to see a live camera installed to see my pet or to watch them during play time.

With that being said, I will be back, I will continue to board my pet. I just feel a few minor adjustments could be made to make this service even better.

3 stars Verified customer

I brought my cat in for a few abnormal spots on her skin, and I spent about 5 minutes with the doctor, who was fantastic in every way! However, I just feel like $60 for a 5 minute skin exam is pretty steep in price. I definitely don’t feel like that “exam” was worth $60 for 5 mins of the doc’s time. Pretty steep price.

5 stars Customer since 2018

Overall, it was a pleasant experience. It was our first time to the Payson Family Pet Hospital with our puppy of almost 8 weeks. The only negative part was a little bit of a wait for the doctor. Out puppy was already nervous as it was and I wish she didn't have do wait as long as she did before the doctor did come in. Once in the room however, the doctor and assistant took really good care of our puppy to make her as comfortable as possible.

4 stars Customer since 2015

Very good service. Had to wait for a long time, my dogs appointments were toward the end of the day and I ended in the waiting room for close to an hour. But they are always very good to me and my dogs.