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My dog went after an animal underneath a Pencil plant. She was very ill and her eyes were swollen shut. THey managed to save her and her eyesight. I am ever so grateful.

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Excellent care and service as usual. Always recommend

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5 stars Customer since 2017

We were very well taken care of in a frightening situation! Our dog is in the mend and will be fine. Thank you for the care!

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Brought my kitten in for what I thought was a broken paw. The staff was nice and kept me updated with everything going on. I thought I would be paying through the roof but they gave me reasonable pricing for X-rays and pain medicine. I was even walked out to my car. I highly recommend going here if your pet has an emergency.

5 stars Customer since 2018

Coco underwent major surgery and could not have received better care. Her and her puppy, Avalon, are doing great! Coco felt very warm towards the vet and I could tell she treated her very well!

5 stars Customer since 2018

Great service, caring very knowledgeable Dr. Jones. She really cares about animals. And has excellent knowledge. I would strongly recommend her.

5 stars Verified customer

Fast paced and friendly

5 stars Customer since 2016

Our Golden Retriever, Parker, has visited ER4Pets three times now. Each time he received the attention he needed and the medication that was necessary to bring him back to a healthy, happy member of our family.

2 stars Customer since 2017

I have been a long term customer, soending wuite a bit of money on my pets and today, 4/20 (my bday too:/) came in to pick up some cat and dog food for a total of about $160, asked about paying by check because I forgot my ctedit cards and was told yes. There were no signs saying no checks.

Dr. JONES came out and we had a very nice conversation. I have always thought we connected and liked each other being the same age group and holding similar beliefs.

I am not blaming the receptionist. She was very sweet and helped me the best she could. When she went back to get approval, she came back out saying checks were not accepted. She and I were both embarrassed. They had been accepted before. When I said that was all I had available, she went back again and was told No. So, I used the cash I had to get 1 bag instead.

It is not the no check.policy that bothered me, it was that Dr. JONES didn't apologize, come out or even tell her Receptionist something nice to explain the change in policies. It made me feel like I was singled out for some reason and not important or appreciated.



Poway Eyeworks

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I have mixed feelings about Poway Eyeworks. The office itself is nice--very clean and has a large selection of glasses. The front desk employees were also very friendly and did not pressure me into getting a new pair of glasses. However, my visit wit the optometrist is what makes me question if I will return. The optometrist, Dr. Desai, was nice. However, I left the office not even knowing what my eyesight was exactly. During my exam, she told me that I have a certain eye condition (that I have since forgotten the name of it, since I wasn't given a sheet with my exam results), and when I proceeded to ask questions, she kept brushing it off with, "it is too early to tell." Even if my question was, "Can this condition be bad? What's the worst that can happen?" She kept avoiding the question and would move quickly to the next topic or discussion of my dry eye. I did not understand why she would not answer any of my questions and just give a "it is too early to tell since this is the first time I saw you" answer. I was in a rush to leave as I had to pick up my child from day care, so it wasn't until I got home that I realized, "wow, I just went to the optometrist and I guess everything is fairly good since I wasn't told flat out that something is wrong, but at the same time, I don't even know what my eyesight changed too." I might give Poway Eyeworks another shot next year but see a different optometrist.
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Carmel Mountain Dentistry

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