95.9% would refer friends and family to us

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Dr Jones and her staff are excellent, compassionate and caring.

PETSURG & ER4PETS replied:

Kandi I hope Lola Love continues to improve and eats on her own. You have given her a life filled with love that she never would have known. I know you have given her every chance to recover and now it is up to her. Keep thinking positive thoughts. Dr. Diana Jones

4 stars Customer since 2017

Very Glad they are a 24 hrs emergency service provider. They have very professional vets and personnel. My dog Emma was treated with great care and a complete test panel was done. Unfortionately they could not tell what the actual cause was for her illness. She was given antibiotics and a low fat and intestinal food program. So we will see how that helps or if that is even

The solution. Other than that they do provide a very special service when your pets need it most.

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The end result was good but the communication was pretty bad. We waited 30 minutes for them to check our cat's temperature and we were the only people there. Same for each step, we were there over 2 hours. never a clue as to what to expect next.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Freindly and professional staff, took care of my doggo's eye, and gave me advice on how to prevent that from happening again

5 stars Customer since 2017

I love this place, my cat Marley, not so much....lol

5 stars Customer since 2015

As always ER4Pets was a reliable, knowledgeable, thorough, and reasonably priced place to take our dog at the first signs of something being wrong. We love Dr. Jones and wish we could see her for normal checkups as well ;)

5 stars Verified customer

Very nice and helpful!

4 stars Customer since 2017

Staff was friendly, professional and took great care of my dog. He definitely left feeling a lot better then when he arrived!

5 stars Verified customer

Very caring and took time to explain home care they even called to check on him

4 stars Customer since 2017

Our little chihuahua had a seizure and since it was 6:30pm, our regular vet was closed. The only facility I could think of was ER4PETS on World Trade Drive, so that's where we took her. When she was weighed, we learned that her weight had dropped from just under 5 pounds to 2.9 pounds! What a shock! The doctor examined her and found she had low blood sugar. She kept her overnight with an IV while feeding her hourly. She also performed tests to try to determine the cause. They were available 24/7 for phone calls to check her progress and the next afternoon, she was stable enough to be released but with no definitive diagnosis. We were given antibiotics and special food and strict orders to make sure she took food every couple of hours and they said we could call with any questions or bring her back anytime she exhibited the same symptoms. We did call several times with questions and were always given helpful information. The doctor sent all the information directly to our regular vet, where we took her for an exam the following day. Since she was doing so much better, they sent her home with us and told us to bring her back immediately if she had the same symptoms. The doctor and staff at ER4PETS definitely saved our dog's life and we are very grateful to them for their care and concern.

PS ultimately, after more symptoms and tests by our regular vet, we learned that she had Addison's Disease and we are controlling that with medication. THANK YOU TO THE DOCTOR AND STAFF AT ER4PETS FOR KEEPING HER ALIVE.

Terry and Tony Eisenhower



Twin Peaks Dentistry

5 stars 884 reviews

Not very happy on my visit. I went in for cleaning, and it was great. I always loved to come and get the service. Every time, I have been informed about how much is cost of the dental treatment and the amount my insurance pays and I pay. I got scheduled for cleaning, and when I was done, I got informed that my insurance only pays 2 cleanings per year, and they put me on a 3 month schedule. So I had to pay for the service and I was not ready to do it. I was pretty upset that they did not tell me this ahead of time, or even before I got in. I am a single mom, and I do not get any help from the father. I work in the Poway School District, and we do not get paid for the 2 months of summer. I did not want to use my credit card, since I am trying to get out of debt. I just wished they told me this things ahead of time. I was not ready to make this expense.
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Poway Eyeworks

5 stars 490 reviews

I have mixed feelings about Poway Eyeworks. The office itself is nice--very clean and has a large selection of glasses. The front desk employees were also very friendly and did not pressure me into getting a new pair of glasses. However, my visit wit the optometrist is what makes me question if I will return. The optometrist, Dr. Desai, was nice. However, I left the office not even knowing what my eyesight was exactly. During my exam, she told me that I have a certain eye condition (that I have since forgotten the name of it, since I wasn't given a sheet with my exam results), and when I proceeded to ask questions, she kept brushing it off with, "it is too early to tell." Even if my question was, "Can this condition be bad? What's the worst that can happen?" She kept avoiding the question and would move quickly to the next topic or discussion of my dry eye. I did not understand why she would not answer any of my questions and just give a "it is too early to tell since this is the first time I saw you" answer. I was in a rush to leave as I had to pick up my child from day care, so it wasn't until I got home that I realized, "wow, I just went to the optometrist and I guess everything is fairly good since I wasn't told flat out that something is wrong, but at the same time, I don't even know what my eyesight changed too." I might give Poway Eyeworks another shot next year but see a different optometrist.
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