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Thuy is a wonderful person and stylist!

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Very comfortable, quick and easy, definitely will be back!

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He is the best!! I live in NC and I wait until I come back to NY to have my hair cut because he’s great.

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Always great

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Taylor is always great, she's such a great shaper and she's so sweet. She has great customer service skills all around.

The only thing I didn't like it's the secretary at the time of booking confirmed our services verbally by stating "so express Manis and pedis?" Yet I noticed the techs were asking us to pick a scent. I let them know that I never did that before, they told me they just started doing it. Clearly, they misinterpreted what I meant so I said "are you guys doing the express?" They replied no it's the spa. I ended up paying for the spa although it's not what I asked for, in all the times I've been there I've never gotten the spa it's way too expensive for things I don't need. It wasn't the techs fault. But when I told the secretary she didn't take accountability nor did she apologize and I know it was her who booked it. She actually said , "oh yes THEY got you down for the spa when it was in fact her. I do feel like she should've been more empathetic and then charge me for what I actually asked for. nonetheless, I paid for the service with no dispute, But to add insult to injury , she still asked me if I was tipping. I didn't like that, tip should be offered by the client voluntarily, she usually doesn't do that, but I think what was really offensive is that when I said not today, she replied "NO, SO YOU'RE NOT TIPPING AT ALL???". I said "no no I'm not because I already paid $30 more than I planned." I think it was quite rude and snobby especially when she's the one that made the error that resulted in the girls receiving no tip that day. And again tip is not required. She then replied "I'll make a note here that you get the short one." That's cool too I guess.

Pharaoh's Hairum Salon and Spa replied:

Thank you for your 5-star review! We are so glad you love our service providers! I am sorry for the misunderstanding regarding your appointment. Our computer records show that it was another front desk person, rather than the one who cashed you out, who accidentally scheduled you for the "Spa" pedicure vs. the "Executive." Our technicians would have been happy to switch it to an Executive, but did not understand it was misbooked. The scent they had you pick out is brand new to our pedicure services. We are also sorry for the confusion on the tip question. Because we have a new tip program, she was asking so that she could help you with the new program. I will be asking our front desk team to please word it differently. We would never want anyone to feel that they had to leave a tip or share the amount! Because of the misunderstanding, the manager will be refunding you the difference in the charge! Please never hesitate to let us know any concerns you may have - we want you to leave thrilled with your experience!

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He did a great as usual

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Amber was FANTASTIC! She went over the plan with me beforehand and answered any and all questions I had. She talked me through each step of my color and cut as she did it and recommended products she was using. She even taught me how to style my hair and shared some tips with me on how to manage my shorter baby hairs. My hair came out exactly as I imagined it. My husband said it was the best color and cut I've ever gotten. I can not say enough good things about her!

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She is very accommodating and gives a great haircut!

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Enjoyed chatting with her and she took her time and did an awesome job. You can tell she loves her work.

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Becca always does an amazing job on my hair!! The color is amazing. Thank you Becca.