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What others had to say

5 stars Customer since 2014

Very efficient and high quality practice!

5 stars Verified customer

Dr. Lakha is the kindest, most conscientious doctor I have ever met. Everything was explained. Always considerate, kind, attentive and caring. Results were perfect. Treatment was mostly painless. He comes highly recommended by everyone in the dental industry as the "best in the Bay Area"

5 stars Customer since 2009

Dr. Baird is simply Excellent! He is very devoted to his profession, is extremely professional, and is very good at what he does. I have complete confidence in him. I had a difficult ancalose tooth (tooth fused to the bone due to past trauma) removed by him, and a difficult implant to replace it, and he did a great job of both. I have to have another implant due to a damaged tooth and I am going to have him do the surgery. I highly recommend him. His staff are also friendly and attentive.

5 stars Customer since 2013

On 12/17 I had an extraction performed by Dr. Baird. He and his staff did a extremely thorough job of explaining the process, what I could expect and what the after effects would be. Although I can't say I enjoyed the extraction, from my point of view it was handled in a prompt and efficient manner. His nurse fully explained what my Rx's would be, when to take them etc. Dr. Baird himself called me later in the day to see how I was doing, a nice thoughtful touch. One minor issue, my appointment was at 6:30 am and I was on time but the entrance door was locked and no receptionist in sight. A nurse coming to work a few minutes later spotted me and let me in by the back entrance. Aside from this I was very impressed with Dr. Baird and his staff and the professionalism they displayed.

5 stars Verified customer

I went in for a consultation with Dr. Baird, and let him know that I really wanted to have my wisdom tooth extracted the same day as I had already been on antibiotics for the infected tooth for three days. I had dropped off my CT scans of the tooth the day before. Dr. Baird agreed to do the procedure the same day, and within minutes I was prepped for my oral surgery. He handled the local anesthesia with ease, and once I was numbed up, the actual tooth extraction took a matter of seconds (really!). Both he and his staff were courteous, professional and competent. I was given thorough instructions for my recovery at home. Later in the afternoon, Dr. Baird called my home to see how I was doing. Since everything was fine, it was a short courtesy call.

5 stars Customer since 2004

If you have oral surgery such as bone grafting or implant surgery to be done, then RUN don't walk to see Dr. Lakha. He is simply the best, most careful oral surgeon doing this type of work in this area. I see now that many dentists have decided they want to be "jack of all trades" and do this type of implant surgery, but beware......chances are much higher that your implants will fail. Dr. Lakha provides the very latest techniques including stem cell therapy with the implants, that dramatically increase the overall viability of his work. Why go to a dentist for oral surgery when you can go to someone who ONLY does oral surgery?

5 stars Customer since 2012

An extraction is always challenging but Dr. Baird has now removed a second tooth and both times he did an excellent extraction. I am amazed at the lack of pain, the manner in which he kept me informed and prepared for each next step, and just overall came away completely satisfied. His assistant, Anna, was also absolutely wonderful: informative, professional, and kind. And, both times Dr. Baird himself phoned in the evening to make sure everything was ok. Outstanding professional delivery and follow-up.

5 stars Customer since 2008

very professional care/state of the art equipments, very friendly and and articulate staff and very clean environment

5 stars Customer since 2011

Dr. Lakha was extremely professional, friendly and able to explain everything that would happen, in a way that was easy for me to understand, yet was not in the least condescending--- he does NOT "talk down" to his patients! He also answered ALL my questions--- even the ones that I considered silly/frivolous--- but I HAD to ask anyway! I was SO happy with my treatment! It took longer than I thought it would, but I didn't mind, because I knew he was giving me the BEST treatment! I have had ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS with my implant! If any of my children need a tooth implant, I would NOT hesitate to recommend Dr. Lakha! Oh, and Dr. Lakha also removed my wisdom teeth--- as well as my husband's and my three daughter's!

5 stars Customer since 2005

I was a patient of Dr. Lakha . He is exceptional ! He did my implants 2 years ago. he did outstanding job. i loved the whole process. Beginning with initial consultation Dr. Lakha explained all the steps, was extremely patient with me. Yes he is expansive(one downside) However, you get what you pay for. I would not hesitate to refer anybody to see him for an implants.