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I've been a Popular Mechanix customer for about two and a half years. I've owned my 2003 Volvo S40 since 2004, and had it serviced first by two authorized Volvo dealership maintenance shops in Santa Monica, and then a dedicated Volvo shop here in San Francisco that has gone out of business. Service at the SoCal shops ranged from OK to awful -- all the usual dreary disappointments that happen to us sometimes. When I came upon the Popular Mechanix website I suspected this is a business that operates on a high level, and that's turned out to be true. I've had my S40 serviced at PM about eight times now, and PM's team of smart, savvy and experienced mechanics has always been able to resolve whatever problems brought me in -- one of them a hard-to-locate electrical wiring malfunction, a consequence of the car's age. Now fixed perfectly. At 145,000 miles my car's beginning to show its age mechanically, but PM keeps it running at top form, which offers peace of mind -- knowing PM's diagnostic expertise minimizes the odds I'll end up on a roadside, calling AAA. PM is not a low-cost operation, but neither is it a price gouger, as the two Volvo dealership shops I patronized in Southern California were, If you want top-quality Volvo service, Popular Mechanix is for you.

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Great service!

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Overpriced and unable to detect problems that were later identified by another repair shop. Wasted money spent on their time of basically doing nothing.

Volvo Service & Repair by Popular Mechanix replied:

Dear JR, Very sorry to hear you were not completely happy with our service. I do feel we correctly diagnosed the noise complaint, but unable to make repairs without your approval. Glad to pick-up where we left off, next visit, Andrew

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Fast friendly

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I had a headlight out, perhaps it was original. As a preventative, I had both replaced. It was finished and ready to go in less than 15 minutes, even faster than the 1/2 hour I had been promised by text reply to my voicemail. Nice!

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Because of their excellent service, my car has almost 300K miles on it and should last at least another 100K.

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Always treated with friendly respect here. I trust Andy and the crew completely. It’s never cheap fixing a Volvo, but I appreciate the car wash!

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Excellent service as usual

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great as always!

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I'm just glad to have PM Volvo in my life -- and the life of my beloved 2000 Volvo S40. Wouldn't even think of going anywhere else.