Dr. Michael Hickel is a chiropractor serving Happy Valley and the surrounding communities. Dr. Hickel has focused his care around local growing families. Pediatric Chiropractic care offers a unique approach to your child's daily needs. Checking a child's nervous system is easy, fun and visual for both parents and kids. Our relaxed family atmosphere takes the children's anxiety out of the picture, especially when they don't feel well. We approach ear infections, colds, ADHD, allergies and even seizures the same way; making sure the nerve system is functioning fully and determining what is causing that perfect little one's immune system from not responding well. Our kids are exposed to a whole different set of stressors these days. Almost 70 vaccines, reactions from both prescribed and over-the-counter drugs, chemicals in the food and water, electronic stress from devices, lack of sleep, and most importantly, an overstimulated nervous system trying to keep up! I remember days growing up with no computers, cell phones or very late nights.


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