100.0% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Verified customer

My repair work was handled quickly and professionally. Being relatively new to the area I didn't know of a good auto repair shop. My neighbors highly recommended Quality Auto telling me they are good, honest and fair and have a good reputation locally in the Des Moines area. I found this to be true and I now have a place to go for my repairs. Thanks!

5 stars Verified customer

Excellent. DAN is always helpful, informative and always calls me when he says he will. I am glad we found someone like him. I have gone thru several repair shops that are not even close being professional as his shop is.

4 stars Verified customer

My opinion is biased, since I used to be a diesel mechanic, so did some research on area shops, stopped by to chat beforehand, then brought my vehicle in later for a fluids change. They did the work professionally and for a reasonable cost and had it back to me in a few hours. Won't need to use the dealer anymore.

5 stars Verified customer

Good friendly service at a fair price

5 stars Verified customer

Quality Auto does excellent work for reasonable prices. I have always found them to be fair and honest; so much so that I have referred family there for repairs myself.

5 stars Verified customer

I was able to Waite for my Repair, and they did an excellent work as has been for almost 10 years.

5 stars Verified customer

First time customer on a cold-call. Good price, unexpectedly quick service, seamless experience. Recommended. And I drive manual and that doesn't phase them...

4 stars Verified customer

Dan and the others at Quality Auto & Electric were great. They fixed up my car very quickly, were friendly, explained how things on my car worked, and all for reasonable prices. They even fixed an issue with my driver side door lock that my old mechanic shop had been unable to resolve. Also, it was very easy to book an appointment within 1-2 days at a time that was convenient for me.

I am happy to have found a competent quality and efficient auto mechanic shop after moving into the area. That being said, I was spoiled at my old shop where I used to live, and so there are a few luxuries that I miss.

My old shop:

• had drivers that would pick up and drop off customers within a reasonable vicinity for free

• they always vacuumed out and lightly wiped down the interior and gently washed the windows for free

• it was adjacent to a golf course, so the landscaping and outside of the shop were well-done and asthetically pleasing, the inside of the building was beautifully designed and decorated, like the lobby to some luxury resort, even the bays where they worked on the vehicles were always clean and organized

• after every job done, when I went out to drive my car off their lot, the mechanic/technician that worked on my car would always leave a little note with a headshot or family photo with a sentence or two about them personally and how happy they were to have the opportunity to work on my car

• all the staff were warm and welcoming, yet highly knowledgeable and competent, whether it was the front desk people, the owners, the mechanics, the drivers, or a back office worker, everybody took a moment to say a sincere hello and knew me by name. I actually miss them and feel missed. if it was slow, sometimes the front desk people and i might chat for 5-10 min about nothing at all, just random stuff we're interested in. The owner would mail me a bday card or holiday card. one time when they got mixed up and my car took 3 hours longer than promised to get done, the owner mailed me a sorry note with a $15 starbucks giftcard! i couldnt believe it.

• they had an automated text message notification program that texted my phone at different checkpoints along the process of working on my car, even telling me when the complimentary driver was on their way to pick me up from home to get my car

• they had these visually appealing checkup/tuneup sheets they gave me at the end of a visit, it was color coded and listed everything they checked to give me peace of mind that everything was done, and also highlighted any minor or major problems that warranted my attention. i could even login and see it all online for my car!

• one or two times i saw a customer there that could not pay their bill, so the front desk people got them set up right on the spot in maybe 15 min with some auto care credit program so that way those people could get their cars back immediately and have reasonable terms to pay off the amounts due.

• on top of everything, they were very very good at the basics of just fixing my car. it was extremely rare to have an issue that would stump them. they had integrity and made it very clear if something was optional or no benefit to me to help me save money.

• honestly, i wish every auto shop was like my old shop, Honest Accurate Auto East in Colorado Springs, but for now, Quality Auto & Electric seems like a very good choice with an excellent reputation. They get the job done correctly and quickly.

5 stars Verified customer

Always helpful, honest, professional, and willing to go the 'extra mile' for a customer! I went in for just and oil and filter change. Dan and the guys at Quality Auto Electric and Repair did that AND replaced a bulb (license plate) and let me know about a problem with my windshield wipers (wrong type for my car). I have always felt that these guys give me an honest, no BS assessment (good or bad) of any and all automotive repair issues my car has ever had. I highly recommend Quality Auto Electric and Repair to anyone who needs repair work done on their vehicle.

5 stars Verified customer

Personal customer service, good price and quick. My sister and brother-in-law have raved about Dan and this auto repair shop for years. We just moved here so now will be raving about Dan the the excellent service to our friends too!

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