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5 stars Verified customer

Since meeting Rebecca Warnick I feel safe my business is in the most competent hands possible. After dealing with the same accountant for nearly 20 years I felt as though I still didn't understand my business properly. Important details were always being forgotten and I wasn't treated very importantly since I'm a small, small business. The accountant quite often put me on the back burner because she had more "important" and bigger money clients. And she never returned my phone calls. To me......this is NOT good business and totally unprofessional.

After meeting Rebecca the first time I absolutely knew she was the CPA for me.

Firstly, she is kind and understanding and listens and returns every single phone call and she takes every stress away from you. SHE worries about your business so YOU don't HAVE to!

She's absolutely brillant in her up to the minute knowledge on the law and taxes.

BRILLANT is the word I use often about her and she so effortlessly handles any major problem. She adores her work and it shows.

She also shares with me other colleagues professional businesses to which she may feel I could benefit by. By doing this I converted all my banking business to Chase because of an amazing business associate of hers.

I also like how Rebecca handles the billing of her services monthly rather than hourly. She's available 24/7 for us and THAT is a tremendous safe feeling.

But the most important attribute brillant Rebecca Warnick possesses is the fact she makes you feel you're the ONLY important business on the planet when you have meetings with her!

It's simple.......she cares about us.

I would highly and strongly suggest anyone hire Rebecca for the most professional and integrity based accounting services. You will be happy and relieved you did.