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Amazing Dr.’s and staff! Thank you for all you do. Jodi

4 stars Customer since 2017

Josh and the office are good. There billing system is not easy, trying to get a hold of someone is terrible. Writing does not help either.

1 stars Verified customer

From the wait times which are typically 45 minutes or more to the tacked on charges with billing to my insurance company I can’t recommend the Jr’s Bloomberg practice to anyone. Since the son took over the practice it’s clear his primary motivation is making money.

He is a bro, that refers to his bros. When I asked about referral to a leading woman doctor he talked poorly about her, and said she has a reputation for being difficult. (She was voted by other doctors as the top in her field in Arizona magazine’s annual survey) I went to his referral, and the woman doctor. His referral is rated 2.5 stars or less on all review sites - the woman is rated 4.8 stars. I walked out of the guy referral as he was over an hour late, as a guy was at the desk complaining that he had been the for over an hour and a half.

As a woman I can’t stand that Jr. Dr. Bloomberg didn’t listen, and talked down to me. He minimized my concerns as just a part of growing old - which when I switched to another doctor they caught a very serious medical issue that he would have easily found. His lack of care cost me months of additional suffering, and lost time for treatment. When I told him I go to a specialist for another issue he said he would treat that in his office. Oh heck no!! You are a generalist, and my doctor has years of additional trying and keeps up with the latest in treatment options. Think about it. There is a reason certain medical conditions are treated by speciality doctors with continuous advanced training.

I also saw NP Sue Hsieh - she was fantastic!

If you are interested you should look up the 2021 JAMA study on surgical outcomes and mortality rate by surgeon / patient sex. In the study if you are a woman being treated my a male surgeon you are much more likely to die, for men there was was also a higher mortality rate if you were treated by a man. Just look it up!!!! Get educated and advocate for better treatment!

5 stars Verified customer

She is so nice and detail.

5 stars Verified customer

We have been patients sincerer well over 20 years. He very compassionate in hard times. He really cares bout his patients.

1 stars Customer since 2019

If you like to wait for 11/2 hours before the doctor sees you, this is your clinic. Doesn’t matter if you schedule an appointment a day out or a month out, you wait. I’ve even seen lunch brought in when I had an 11 am appointment, and didn’t get to see the doctor until almost 1pm. No apologies, you just wait.

1 stars Customer since 2020

This doctor's office is a joke. There was always a problem getting my prescription refilled. They never fixed the issues after I brought them to their attention. Instead of fixing the issues, they drop me as a patient from the entire practice.

5 stars Customer since 2021

Prompt everyone knows what they are doing and when I phone their office I get quick responce

2 stars Customer since 2019

I had an appointment for about a month, arrived 15 minutes early for a 10:00am appointment and waited in the waiting area for over one full hour before being seen by anyone, The nurse was great, a student NP came in, he was fine.

I had to rearrange my job schedule because I was so behind for my own patients due to the tardiness of everyone in this office. I finally saw my on NP at noon.

I felt I had to let her know that I think it is very unprofessional and rude for doctors offices to expect patients to arrive on time or early and then have to sit around and wait for hours as if our time is not as valuable as theirs.

I do like Tina Baldwin, but the behavior of everyone involved in scheduling patient is unacceptable to me and I will be finding another doctor.

1 stars Customer since 2017

I was horribly misdiagnosed by Dr. Bloomburg and Sue Shei. After days of tests, utter misdiagnosis and the resulting delay of proper treatment, I ended up seizing and being rushed to the hospital by ambulance. I spent weeks in the hospital. A lumbar puncture determined I had meningitis and encephalitis. Dr. Bloomberg diagnosed me with a concussion, and shook my head violently upon determining his ‘diagnosis’. I’m certain this did not help with the onslaught of seizures I soon experienced. I’ve seen Sue for years, and I was happy with her. However, this last time she called in Dr. Bloomberg to consult and what he did to me was nothing short of malpractice. Run away from this office as far as you can.

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Children's Dental Village

5 stars 126 reviews

Our four year old suddenly, after two years of perfect visits, decided to have a tantrum with the hygienist. After a little consultation with us parents, they went out of their way to move us to a single room and give our little extra attention to make it fun and not scary, and everything went smoothly from there on. The above and beyond effort was fantastic. Can't overstate how good they are.
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