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Dr. Lovato and his team are the best! They the most caring, professional crew you could ever ask for!

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This is a long one but worth the read if you’re feeling hesitant or like me, flat out terrified of dental work.

I am incredibly embarrassed to say it’s been 10 years since I’ve been to a dentist due to a few horrible experiences as a child.

I found myself needing an emergency dental visit due to a cracked molar. I called the office and was seen the very next day. I was shaking even walking into the office, let alone getting in the chair. Everyone knew my fears and were so incredibly gentle with me and I did not feel any judgement. My first trip I had a temporary filling placed and then we scheduled me for a crown and I was prescribed something to help sedate me for the work.

Fast forward to part 1 of the crown procedure and I have ZERO pain. Dr. Truong has magic hands. My appointment was first thing in the AM and once I walked in, I feel like I had a welcoming committee haha I was quickly sat down, everything was already setup and ready to go. First I was provided numbing on my gums, once that kicked in they got started. I only heard a few tools and I’m pretty sure I fell asleep. I woke up and only had slight numbing sensation but not to the point where I was drooling. I say this all because dental visits are nothing like they used to be, technology has really advanced.

I went home after the procedure and slept most of the day, Dr Truong called to check in on me and I honestly have no pain. Slightest bit of sensitivity because a lot of work was done on this tooth, but I was able to eat and chew (on the other side of my mouth) without issues. I think that I’ll be able to go in for the fitting without sedation, which is something I never thought I would say.

I am so incredibly thankful for every single person at this office, I might have overcome my fear of the dentist/ dental work because of the kindness and gentle hands here. I’ve never felt more inclined to write a good review, this team has quite literately changed my life because I want to take care of my dental health now that I know it doesn’t have to be so scary and painful.

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Very professional and friendly

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I chipped a tooth and Jen got me in the next day and it was fixed perfectly by Dr. Lobato and assisted by Jen. Al fixed in a half hour and I'm very happy with the result! GS

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I am A seeker of Perfection & People who are outstanding in their profession. Archetypes. Individuals who embody care along with compassion.

I have had the pleasure to be A patient and sit for many hours while Dr Lobato & His right hand Jen create magic.

Dr Lobato is not only A dentist/doctor.

He is an artist and creates as

if he were a sculpture executing A masterpiece with such precision and beauty.

If your lucky,, you also get a free joke & a chuckle.

Jen has A strong presence & well respected in her own right. Obviously An intelligent woman. She’s like A sister or best friend, comforting and ensures your protected.

The dream team.

I’m witness because They have reconstructed my entire smile.

Tiffany is kind and considerate.

A lovely lady. Welcoming you with A beautiful smile. She makes our family appointments and goes out of her way to get my children in when home. She listens attentively & always delivers whatever needs to be accomplished.

Kris is A dear, She is wise & has gentle hands and always has something kind to share.

She is a great listener and gives fabulous advice. After the work is complete, She takes care of my smile.

I am blessed to have these fantastic people in my World

Lisa Livingstone

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Excellent care from Dr. And staff.

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All members are professional and friendly very caring.

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Dr. Lobato and Jen are amazing, the best in the business! The staff is friendly, caring, and professional, I would highly recommend then for any dental care needed.

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Dr Lobato is always there for me. With twenty years of dental issues I couldn’t ask for a more dedicated team that has always made me feel that my dental health is their priority. Thank you Dr Lobato and associates.

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Fast, effective, and painless! Excellent staff.