90.0% would refer friends and family to us

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Dental work is pretty good, biut the price is off the charts. Very Expensive!

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Excellent care! Dr Ehrenman was very gentle, took his time and explained everything to me! Made a stressful visit so much easier!

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The surgeon is arrogant and rude he told me he will not work on my teeth and to go to the other dentist that I got an second opinion from. Pretty obvious that he was annoyed that I had another Dentist opinion.

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Excellent patient care

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Dr Garrison and the entire staff are simply top notch!

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Big help in accepting my dental insurance with patience.

Appreciated a lot. Thanks!

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The dentist and assistant were doing well as I was pleased with the assistant's writing on papers. I understand everything what was going on. I myself never had a sign language interpreter for any dental work. If it was very serious such as major surgery. Thanks for your understanding.

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It was very professional. Everything was done efficiently from my check in, my check up by the dentist, and my check out.

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On 12/5/18 my visit with Annette (which she is wonderful) was for a treatment plan determined by the previous tech (unsure of name) on 11/13/18. The previous refused to go through with my routine scheduled cleaning that day stating that more than 50% of my mouth had millimeter measurements out of the normal. I was spectacle as I am concious of my dental hygene and use both a water pic and an electric toothbrush daily. There has been much loss in my personal life this year losing 3 family members to death ( Mom, Brother, & Uncle). During my visit on 11/13, the initial intro with the tech ( first time with her) she asked how my Summer was, when I mentioned it was a somber, she insisted on knowing why so I shared with her figuring I would be building a new relationship. At the end of my evaluation, I mentioned these numbers can not be correct. Her reply was, well you mentioned you have had stress this year and stress can cause this. I still can not believe to date, she used my family loss to justify her miss calculation. Going forward, on my 12/5/18 visit with Annette, during her intro, ( first time with her) she stated she would like to re- evaluate before starting the scaling treatment as she said the numbers logged in my chart are less then what her findings are in one of the initial areas. I agreed. Once Annette completed the evaluation, she advised me that all my numbers we acceptable except for my (R) upper quad where there are 2 crowns. This upset me to the point that I started crying as I was giving an evaluation prior that was so bad I questioned my self on my home hygiene process. This is the 2nd miss- evaluation this year from your company. The first was

Dr. Keller back on 6/29/18 who recommending I have 2 crowns removed and replaced due to an infection. The crowns were just 2 years new. The day I was scheduled for this procedure, Kellner called out so I had to reschedule. I ended up seeing Dr. Garrison. During my visit, Dr. Garrison asked if he could ex-ray as he wanted to view a current picture before the evaluation. I agreed. Dr. Garrisons evaluation was different from Dr. Kellners. Dr. Garrison saw receding gum line at my (R) upper quad and referred me to Sages periodontist as well as rinsing with warm salt water and sensodyne repair and protect paste. That evaluation with the periodontist turned out with no current concerns. I definitely have reservations for Sage and the confidence in some of your staff.

I am scheduled back with Annette on 12/19 after having my deep scaling on 12/5 to my upper (R) quad. I will be there for my rountine cleaning and periodontal treatment on 12/19. I hope to have my confidence in Sage turned around and not have to move on.

My unforeseen initial visit with Dr. Garrison was by default and am so happy it turned out that way as Dr. Garrison is a knowledgeable, kind, compassionate Doctor. If only he could be everywhere at once, dentistry would be a more inviting industry.


Louella Kussrath

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I love the staff, My oral surgeon is the best.