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I had an appointment for a check up and one small cavity under the gum line was discovered in the front of tooth #8. I had a choice to have it done right away or set up another appointment for a later date. I opted to have it done right away. All went well but the anesthesia lasted a bit long but the area did not hurt after.

5 stars Customer since 2017

I had my first Root Canal ever in my life. Dr. Sunghee Ahn and her Dental Assistant were FANTASTIC. I am not a fan of dentists and/or dental work. They took their time to explain the procedure and to make me as comfortable, relaxed and pain-free as possible. I was so afraid that I would not make it through the Root Canal but I did it with greater ease than I could ever have imagine. Thank you Sage Dental, Dr. Ahn & your Dental Assistant.

5 stars Customer since 2012

The best hygeniest is Anna Doskowski

The best dentist is Jennifer Londono

1 stars Verified customer

They will tell you that the only option is spending as much as they can get you to spend. They said i needed to shell out $3000.00. i got a second option and ended up paying $190.00. I WILL NEVER GO TO SAGE DENTAL EVER AGAIN! THANK YOU AND STOP TEXTING AND EMAILING ME!!!!!!!

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I was hoping it would be more 'warm and fuzzy' or at least 'comfortable' as my family has a history of staying away from dentists. When I made the appointment the man on the phone was quite pleasant and I was immediately put at ease. I am hoping to find a good place to begin my own dental journey, which will be extensive, so when I brought my mom there I had high hopes of finding a place at last where I would not be afraid, where they would talk to you and assure you... at least be friendly. But I found in this office they only spoke to us as needed with the least amount of words; fill this out, sit out in the waiting room and they'll call you, follow me. The office was clean but clinical. They were all polite but distant. No comforting words. Very little interaction unless they needed something from you. We were just a number. My mom has Alzheimer and I told them to speak slowly and loudly and give her time to understand the commands (open, close, etc) but when the doctor came flying in there she seemed to be in a rush to get out. I can't say she was rude but she wasn't friendly either. No chit-chat, no how are you, no asking about the patient. She didn't even speak to my mom, who was nervous because she didn't understand why she was there, except to have her open her mouth and tell her to put her head back. Mom has dementia but she's not in a coma, she's still human. The dentist was in and out quickly and it wasn't like there wasn't a waiting room full of people...it was a quiet day. Then I was handed the bill and led out to the front desk. The billing lady didn't even meet my eyes when we were talking. In fact the most talking I experienced through the whole visit was when I told them the insurance was paying and they had to look it up and double check; then there was some debate about that. The nicest one there was the assistant who at least smiled at us and explained what was going to happen to mom when she took her into X-ray, and she made sure I had a seat to wait outside the room. Again, we are just a number and an insurance claim there. I felt like I was in a dental assembly line in a factory. I'll take my mom back because we started this process and mom needs her dentures, but I won't be going there for myself.

5 stars Customer since 2017

This was my first Periodontal Cleaning with Anna and it was one of the best cleanings I have had in my life. Not to mention that she was a lovely girl, but she was thorough and knowledgeable and professional. Thank you, Sage Dental and Anna!

3 stars Verified customer

First time patient...clean location..everyone nice...treatment plan still fuzzy with what to do...Dentist never introduced himself to me no small talk just open up and lets see...very shallow process...felt like a number there.

5 stars Customer since 2016

Anna is very pleasant and does great work.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Professional, Prompt, Informed and Caring. I look forward to Sage Dental taking care of all of my dental needs. Thank you, Sage Dental!

5 stars Customer since 2018

My visit was great! The dentist did a great job and the dental hygentist was super nice! The staff are very nice and friendly! Thank you all! :)