2 stars Customer since 2022

As a new client to SAHO I would have hoped for better service. I switched providers as you had come with raving reviews. Upon entering, it’s probably not a good idea to have another cat roaming the halls so to speak as I have two cats that I brought in, together, in one carrier. With them already a nervous wreck for being in the carrier and not knowing what is going to happen, having an unfamiliar animal loose sniffing my carrier and inspecting the cats had me on edge for fear of not knowing what my cats will do. Once inside the exam room, we waited a long while(my daughter was with me to help out). Then comes in Racheal, the vet tech. However, I had to ask her name. She was rather dismissive and appeared only to be there to take in information. Like a robot. Then she left. And we waited a long while again. The room was hot as the morning sun was shining in. Rachael came back in with the doctor. They examined one cat, not checking ears, gave the shots then put back in the carrier. Rachael tried to get the other cat out but didn’t really try. It was weird. So I offered a hand to take the first cat out and handed him to my daughter and then I retrieved the other cat who was basically a limp noodle. Again, they both are scared unknowing what’s going on. I handed Rachel the cat. Her handling of it, actually both cats, had me perplexed. I didn’t realize holding a cat under their neck like a noose was customary. I expected holding the cat at the nape of the neck like a mother does to her kitten. At least that’s how it’s been done every time I take a cat to the vet, except for this time. Again, a minor check over and no looking at the ears. Then the doc said she was concerned with one of the cats and suggested some blood work. I agreed. They took the cat in the carrier to another room to draw blood. When they came back, I was told they stuck her in each leg. The second one took. Then Rachel proceeded to tell me the cost of the visit. Yep, my jaw dropped. When I questioned how much everything was Rachel said, you don’t have to do the blood work today. We can wait. So you would want me to bring the cat back and have it go through again what you just did, sticking her twice? I declined. Not at any moment did anyone explain services, how much they would be or what to expect. Or even a “hey, thanks for coming in and choosing us because we know you can go anywhere” or “thank you for coming in. We’ll see you soon. If you have any questions or concerns, we’d be glad to help”. Skiatook is a small town, and I suppose I was hoping for a small town customer service. At least act like you’re happy to see me and my pets. I would never treat my patients this way, and mine are human. For a first time visit, I was not impressed. Maybe the next visit will be different maybe not.

5 stars Customer since 2017

The vet tech and vet were great. They explained what was wrong with Bridget and what treatments were needed.

5 stars Customer since 2021

My Schnauzer has a skin problem - allergies & yeast , she ran out of her medicated shampoo and anti fungal med , & has been scratching so much - they were able to give me the medicated shampoo , but will have to wait til I can get her back in to see Vet prior to getting more of antifungal - Her skin is improving, but still has problem with scratching ! I in the mean time are giving her Prednisone and her tranquilizer !

5 stars Customer since 2022

Excellent care and customer service.

5 stars Customer since 2022

Excellent front office staff, and vet and vet assistance. You guys were great!

5 stars Customer since 2013

Friendly staff and I received a couple of pictures while he was boarded

5 stars Customer since 2022

I was recommended to SAHO more than a year ago and went to another vet instead. BIG mistake haha. I should have gone to SAHO first. They provided excellent customer service and safety for my two aussies and will definitely be back.

5 stars Customer since 2020

Was excellent very fast and nice!

5 stars Verified customer

Everyone is always so kind and patient with our very nervous dog we won’t take her any where else!

5 stars Customer since 2021

The vet that saw my dog was very matter-of-fact and was honest with me about what would be most beneficial to do for him. She did a great job!