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96.3% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Verified customer

I love Salsa N'Seattle! The teachers are incredible and welcoming and bring great energy to their classes. I have taken Zumba with Stan a few times now and its my new favorite exercise class! I have also taken intro to hip-hop and it was a blast and I felt comfortable the whole time ( even though I have zero previous dance experience). Highly recommend this studio.

5 stars Customer since 2016

Classes at Salsa N Seattle are fun. I always learn something new in every class. The fact that we have started mixing footwork/shines with partnerwork practice is really helpful. The attention to musicality is amazing in the musicality sessions and the shines. The whole format of classes followed by optional mini choreography sessions is very fresh and keeps people engaged. I was a part of 3 mini choreographies last season and I loved it. All instructors are super friendly and welcoming and that has led to an equally friendly and supportive Salsa community at the studio. No matter what level of dancer you are or where you have come from, you will always feel comfortable around these people.

5 stars Verified customer

I was initially intimidated taking this class because I figured there would be tons of experience, but to my surprise it was very professional and friendly experience. The coaches were very hands on and helped with any problems or questions we had. I loved the class and will be back.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Absolutely fabulous! I hired Salsa N Seattle as a Choriographer to create a Father/Daughter dance, with the understanding that I live in San Diego and my daughter lives in Seattle. Julia proposed a package of 4 hours instruction, over 2 days plus a video of all the steps performed accurately. The dance created by Julia included 3 songs that perfectly fit our needs and she had the steps timed exactly to the music, including some great Michael Jackson music.

Julia's talent and personality are wonderful. She is vibrant, cute, chearful but also serious so my daughter and I were always progressing; making the most of the 4 hours. THANK YOU JULIA

5 stars Customer since 2017

My husband and I, both in our late 60's, have been taking Kizomba for about 3 months now. We are enjoying it greatly and will continue. Mario and Genia are fun, funny, knowledgeable, helpful and most importantly, pay attention to our detail without scolding!

5 stars Verified customer

One of the best decisions I have ever made is to attend dance classes here. I have gained so much more confidence in myself and it is a great way to let out stress and have fun.

5 stars Verified customer

Fun classes, wonderful instructors. The way the curriculum is set up is wonderful and makes it easy to learn. The atmosphere at the studio is great. Everyone is so friendly and everyone shares the passion to learn and have fun.

*it would be great if the front desk staff could make sure that students have taken all classes for each level before advancing on to the next level. For example, students who have not completed Salsa level 2 should not be allowed to take Salsa level 3 classes. It holds the other student back from learning more when the instructors have to keep explaining how to do a certain move that was learned in Salsa I and II. Also, if students didn't take the first or second class of the series, they shouldn't be allowed to take the 3rd and 4th class.

3 stars Customer since 2017

Class leaders were good and nice, but the class is extremely slow. I did not attend the final session - learning one or two moves per class (more or less) was just not enough. Hoping to jump up a level and get on a steeper learning curve.

5 stars Customer since 2017

The instructors are extremely attentive to how each student was progressing and during each session they provided how-to advice individually to improve the dance technique being taught.

The lesson flow was perfect, the techniques demonstrated was easy to understand and follow that the entire class was able to grasp them very easily.

3 stars Customer since 2016

I joined Salsa N Seattle for Zumba classes since I wanted to get a cardio workout. I noticed that there was a zumba class on a schedule for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Salsa n Seattle canceled the Tuesday class. I used to attend Wednesday's Zumba class but the instructor lost her consistency of good cardio workout and it turned out to be a low energy class. I stopped going to this class after 5 sessions.

Hip hop and bollywood are not for workouts. They are for techniques. So out of question for me.

So far, I like Stan's Zumba class. This is the only class I attend at Salsa N Seattle. Stan is very consistent in providing the best quality workouts. If Stan quits, my membership will be over at Salsa N Seattle.

To get the full benefit of my membership, I wish Salsa N Seattle introduces more quality Zumba classes with quality instructors.