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5 stars

had a great experience with Sandy Lane. I feel I can trust their advice, they kept me very informed throughout my service and appreciated the shuttle ride to/from work.

4 stars Customer since 2016

First time trying Sandy Lane for an oil change while waiting. Took a little longer than anticipated , although wash was included which is nice. Only other concern plastic engine cover was not latched on front mount. Other than that all ok and will come back

1 stars

Been taking my cars to SL since we moved here years back...to both locations,

This time I called and gave instructions on what had to be done. Dropped the car and left keys in the slot. Few days later I get a voice mail asking me what worked I wanted done. Call back and find out no one had recorded the work I wanted.

Show up Friday for the car and find its not ready and that they had tried a very old email to contact,e about some issues. You had my cell which you've always used over the past six years but did call as this time you used an out of date email. And no one thought to call when I didn't respond to the end,ail. Thus car not ready and need to come back for work

Sandy Lane Auto-West End replied:

I would like to thank you for your patronage and for the honest comments. We have realized the tremendous error, and will make sure this doesn't happen again. We value you as a customer and will take this opportunity to learn from the mistakes made. Thank you.

4 stars

I have been taking my cars to Sandy Lane Auto for over 8 years and have always found that they provided sound advice. Most importantly as my vehicle aged they provide cost-effective solutions to maintain my cars.

Thanks Sandy Lane Team

3 stars

Staff can be annoyingly patronising.

5 stars Customer since 2016

We just had an out of province inspection and repairs on our Mercedes 500. We could not be more appreciative of the professionalism, service and expertise provided to us. From the very pleasant and accommodating reception to Nathan's performance . The experience was stellar. We will continue to give our business to this very well run company

3 stars

You guys are always great. But I think I'm going to call back and ask you to take a test drive with me in the car. I'm not sure you heard the noises I was talking about. The diagnosis was all in the struts, but the noise in the front is new. I've been hearing noise left rear much longer. It's audible a low speed, in alleys and parking lots that are uneven.

5 stars

Very pleasant staff contact (Jessica, Brett, Nathan), all recommended work was well discussed in understandable language before commencing, the required work was completed in estimated time so car could be picked up. We were left feeling our old Volvo (2002 S-60) is well cared for and will continue to serve us reliably.

4 stars

I have had a recurring issue with brake rotors, and Sandy Lane personnel has taken care of this under warranty

5 stars

Sandy Lane did what was asked, confirmed before acting on a couple of small extras and did an excellent job.