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Sandy has been my dentist for years and years and I must say, he's the best! He's done many things for my teeth and I'm really glad that he was the one who's been in charge.

So far, he's replaced my many metal fillings from when I was a kid with natural colored (and safer) composite ones, put in a crown on one of my molars and just recently, applied another crown to a front tooth that was about ready to give up the ghost completely if something hadn't been done in the near future. The shade, shape and size matched so perfectly that no one would ever be able to tell that it's a crown. I've even picked up girls in bars by walking up to them and betting them a drink that they can't tell which of my teeth are real and which ones aren't (I always win the bet after they look into my mouth to check, BTW).

I'm on my second implant right now. I went for stage two yesterday where the bone's drilled into and the seat placed. It didn't hurt during the procedure, after or now. Feels completely normal. Even though they where prescribed, no post-op painkillers needed!

Besides what he's done for me, he also specializes in whitening and other dental breakthroughs too. I used to be a real coward but Sandy's state of the art equipment and his expertise in their use has on occasion made me even me decline Novocaine while in his care! Speaking of which, he uses a computerized delivery system to administer the Novocaine that will last only through the procedure so your mouth won't be dead for the rest of the day and will come back to life just as you're leaving the office. He'll still partially knock you out into a dream state or give you the gas if you're a total wuss though.

His prices are fair and I love what he's done for my teeth! He's funny and I actually look forward to my appointments with him too. How many dentists can you say THAT about???

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The hygienist is always super sweet

5 stars Customer since 1994

Been going to Dr Rosenberg since 1990, never had a bad experience, love the staff and Drs.

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5 stars Customer since 2004

Very polite and knowledgeable!

5 stars Customer since 1994

I have been a patient of Dr. Rosenberg for many years. Today’s visit was a routine cleaning. Hygienist was friendly, polite and professional. It is easy to see she really enjoys her job. I strongly recommend this practice.

5 stars Customer since 1994

Great fun, good TV. Show to watch, thorough cleaning, excellent exam. Left feeling clean and smiling.

5 stars Customer since 2000

Love Dr. Rosenberg . I have been going to this office for a long time . He genuinely cares about his patients.

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I was running late due to an accident on Blanding/Kingsley and called ahead and was told 'to come on in'. Carrie took me back for xrays and cleaning and honestly it was the best experience I've had at the dentist in a long time. Getting xrays always hurts and seems to take a long time and while I don't dread it - it's never pleasant. I don't know how she did it but each xray was quick, painless and she was so nice! I will say everyone at Dr. Sandy's office has always been wonderful from the front of house to Dr Sandy and Dr Nixon themselves! Everyone is always amazing and very friendly so I'm not surprised that today was a great experience but it was very nice to still see me when I was nearly 20 minutes late - I was completely ready to reschedule but they completely undersood and were able to fit me in. It's very much appreciated!

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Friendly staff