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The dental hygienist is fantastic and great for keeping a conversation going during the not-so-fun time. The exam itself left me feeling bad. The Dr held conversations with her staff about my teeth with her back to me and didn't make me feel that I had a say in my oral care or that I was even worth involving in the dialog.

My hope is that others have a different experience and she takes this review seriously.

Dr. Jayne Hoffman replied:

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your candor. Although, I am disappointed and saddened by your comments --I take them very seriously. I would like to discuss them privately with you so I can avoid the chance of repeating this behavior ever again. Believe me, my intentions were not to exclude you or make you feel bad. I apologize for doing that. Please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested.


Dr. Jayne

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Simi is great!!!

Not sure what the title should be and not sure why I have to write more than 5 words

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Today's appointment went smooth and fast. My appointment was scheduled for 8:30am and I showed up Ten minutes early. Simi took me in right away and was very gentle like always. She was really concern about my health. Thank you Dr. Jayne, Simi and Staff.

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it's always a pleasure to see your staff. your

service has always been the best.



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Although I was very apprehensive about this procedure, the experience wasn't bad at all. I felt no pain and the doctor was very gentle. She explained everything she was doing and went out of her way to make me comfortable and to ease my fear. The front office (Rosie) rearranged the doctor's schedule to get me in before my vacation. A big thank you to all of the staff!

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I am one of those persons who avoids the dentist because of fear. I had 4 fillings and 1 crown and there was no pain. I took the pre-meds as instructed and I can't remember much of the visit, so in my opinion...it was a GREAT visit! If you are fearful, I would absolutely recommend Dr. Hoffman.

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Turned out that when the antibiotic met the infection seriously major pain ensued from late Thursday to late Saturday. I have never had the experience of that degree of pain from a tooth infection, or any other, for that matter. I could have used some pain management. Couldn't sleep either Thursday night or Friday night. Still worse tenderness than when we met on Thursday.

If you can, I'd like to get into endodontist (?)early this week rather than wait another ten days. Or get some pain medication. Or something.

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As previous cleanings, work done well. Hygenist leverages previous visits to help identify trends and provide even more helpful advice for improvement. Potential issues with old fillings identified early (i.e., a year out).

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My visit 7/29 left me with a very sore jaw. Where the bridge is, there are painful sores on my gums, the side of my tongue and on the inside of my cheek. Getting a decent sleep has been difficult. I've started taking Vicodine (left over from my knee surgery) to deal with the pain.

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I can't spell her name but she is wonderful. She always makes me feel comfortable. I felt NO pain as she gave me a deep cleaning.

I love talking with her. She's friendly and personable.