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I've been waiting to go on an elk hunt for 18 years. I was beyond excited to get to Silver Spur and start this adventure. I thought it was strange when we arrived to the lodge and Rick (owner/outfiter) spent no time with our group of four guys that just drove almost 32 hours to get there. I guess I expected a warm welcome and some time talking about hunting, looking at maps, etc. Deb was a very gracious host and made us lunch. She may have been the only positive part of this entire trip. Not only did Rick not spend any time communicating with us before the hunt, he informed us the day we got there that our drop camp location (Rabbit Point) had been changed. He said it was because our new camp location (Three Forks) gave us more space for our group of 8 to hunt. We found out the truth later. Rick's drop camp customers had been taking more elk than his guides. He moved two elderly men (who were paying for guides) to a new camp (Churchill) that was only four miles from Rabbit Point. He knew that previous hunters in Churchill were on the elk and that by moving these guided elderly gentlemen into Churchill that they would have a high chance of success, thus making his guided hunts look to have higher success rate than drop camps. Our camp, Three Forks, was where these older gentlemen were supposed to be hunting, by horseback. Rick knew that we were not on horseback and that the terrain at Three Forks was extremely more difficult than Churchill. Rick knew we would struggle and that by moving us he was only putting us at a disadvantage and making his guided hunts look more successful. Do the math though, the income he made from us 8 at drop camp was much more significant than two guided hunters yet we were given no support. Rick does not care about repeat customers, as we were told that many people return to camp very upset and Rick only laughs at them. In my opinion, the Idaho Dept of Fish and Game should pull his license as an outfitter for unethical business practices. He is an outright cheat and lier. He doesn't pay his guides and packers and lied to us about scouting. No person from Silver Spur scouted our camp for elk. Rick didn't even know that a several thousand acre forest fire was actively burning withing two miles from our camp. His response, "Elk go in there and roll in the soot and lick the stumps." It was red hot, smoking, with glowing coals, and elk would have died in there! Rick uses his hunters as scouts. We essentially paid upwards of $12,000 to let Rick know the elk were not in the area. He never once apologized or made an effort to assist us in ANY manner. We never saw one bull elk and never heard one bugle. Rick's suggestion was to get deep into the woods. Out of the 8 experienced hunters in camp, the minimum walked by any guy any day was approximately 6 miles. The most we walked in one day was 14.5 miles. That is per GPS for one guy! Multiply that times 8 and you can get a picture of how much ground we covered. On a personal note, I saw a mountain lion on our first day of hunting. I had him in the crosshairs at 30 yards. Didn't shoot because I didn't have the right tag. When we get back to the lodge Rick asks me why I didn't shoot the mountain lion and I respond with shock and say I didn't have the tag. He proceeds to tell me that he told me before we went out that my deer tag was also good for a mountain lion. Complete bold-faced lie! This was just salt in the wound. My personal belief is that we should be refunded partial money for a lack to fulfill his end of our contract. Please save yourself the stress and frustration and avoid this unethical con artist. Don't let your dream hunt turn into your vacation from hell like ours did.

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To begin, let me say that this was truly our "Hunt of a lifetime". We all have families and money is tight, but we were all so passionate about doing this that we scratched and clawed to pull it together. We researched a lot of places and finally settled on Silver Spur Outfitters. Well, I have never felt like such an afterthought before in my life. Professionally or recreationally. After having our hunting location for 2 months and and spending precious dollars downloading and printing arial topo maps, we get told after we arrive to the lodge, to pack in, that our location has changed. No forewarning at all. So now all our original research and money spent is wasted. We get dropped in the toughest camp with the most demanding terrain that this con artist has access to And we had to hunt it on foot. All other hunters out of this camp do it on horseback due to the pure intensity of the terrain. We saw one cow elk (over a mile away) between 8 guys over 6 days and over 250 cumulative miles hiked. They claimed the wolves must have run them out, but we saw 4 of those in one pack on the outskirts of our huntable territory and killed one. Saw zero bear, zero mulie or whitetail bucks. We are a group of 8 friends with countless years of big game hunting experience. There isn't a white collar in our group. We are all hard working guys who wanted to experience the Idaho backcountry while all chasing our dream animal. Well, we got to experience the backcountry. Only without even a hint of elk anywhere near us. But they sure killed the hell out of the elk in his other camps. The worst part of this whole waste of hard earned money experience was calling back to the lodge mid week and asking for some kind of advice, we were laughed at by this joke of an outfitter and told "you gotta get into it". Well, get into it we did. We logged everything on our GPS's and covered every inch of that place that we physically could. All to never hear a single bugle and never see an elk any where near rifle range. Upon being packed back to the lodge after our week of meaningless hiking through hundreds of miles of elk less forest we were never even spoken to by our wonderful outfitter. Not a word. Finally one of our guys pulled him aside and voiced our displeasure, just to be laughed at again. Rick Kessler claims that he doesn't care about internet reviews because that's not where he gets his business. Well then for those of you considering a trip here in the near future, please reconsider. If you aren't a repeat customer, he obviously doesn't give a damn about the time or money you will spend to go on this "Hunt of a lifetime". This is my review a week after returning home. I wanted to make sure I was not going to leave a purely emotional response. I am leaving you the facts. Don't do it to yourself. There are a ton of reputable outfitters all over the Western United States. This however, is not one of them.

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Inexperienced guide drunk guide overcharged with no refund , no scouting done. Over sold under delivered. State should regulate outfitters to weed out the bad ones like silver spur all talk don't care about final outcome.

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The biggest joke of an outfitter I have ever experience!!

Jeremy Parker


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2nd hunting trip with them love the place and the people will hunt with them again

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Gina and I had a great time. Room was very nice and food was awesome. Everyone was very nice. Wish there would of been more game, but that's hunting !!!

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when i booked this bear hunt i wanted a place that i could take my wife where she would have a good time an a good hunt for her first big game hunt. She did an so did i .the food ,the hunt, the guides,the people,the owners,the whole setup was EXCELLENT !!! thanks deb an rick we had a great time Don Demarest

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I've been to several bear camps, both in the US and Canada, and this one is the worst of the worst bear hunting experiences...do not waste your time and money. Camp director/owner/operator absolutely should NOT be in the bear hunting business; failed to produce active bait sites & failed to bait any site during my one week stay. Personally I would not go back if they paid me to come.

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Lodge was ok the hunting was bad

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one of the sorriest run outfitters I have ever seen; overbooked and under staffed; ratio of hunters to kills is absolutely horrible; I wouldn't go back if it was free; they talk a pretty picture but they don't produce; my rating would be -3 stars