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5 stars Customer since 2003

Every single treatment i haveI received over the years has been good, no matter for what like Photofacials and varying facials. The treatments received by Kelly have always been superlative. She is a marvel.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Everyone was really nice and welcoming. The procedure I received was explained to me prior and I was given very detailed after care instructions. I will definitely be back.

5 stars Customer since 2007

I am always so pleased and feel fantastic when I walk out of Epi Center

I have been coming here for a long time

To me it's the best place in the Bay Area !!!

Thank you to all

Sally C

1 stars Customer since 2013

Been a long time customer but was very disappointed by my last appointment, it started of 30 minutes late with very little apology. Disappointed by this because on the client side the late/cancellation policy is very strict but the spa isn't held to the same standards.

5 stars Customer since 2016

Another amazing experience at the EpiCenter Spa for CoolSculpting. Will be going there again and again! Nicole is super great, attentive, knowledgeable and professional.

I really appreciate the solution oriented and innovative approach to achieve the results I am seeking. The place itself is very clean, calming and relaxing and centrally located. I would recommend EpiSpa to everyone.


3 stars Verified customer

While this most recent experience was great, all my prior experiences have been so-so because the spa can never seem to run on time. Most recently, I was booked to see a specialist for an assessment only to find out that she was told to take a patient who had come in after me. So I was told I had two choices: wait until she was finished with the other client or leave and come back another time. This is not top notch service, which is what I would expect from a spa that is located in downtown SF and charges the prices that it charges for its services. I am consistently disappointed with the spa's scheduling failings. Also, I feel that they oversell the benefits of some of their services. So my advice is to be sure to ask several questions before you agree to move forward with a pricey service and inquire about what type of follow up service will be required to maintain the effects.

2 stars Customer since 2011

i had a bad day at the Epicenter, I left feeling worse than ever.... When I arrived the woman said, "you are having a BABY!" when I am NOT having a baby and have been struggling with my weight and on my period and feeling bloated, a big NO-NO and I feel more sorry for her than I do for me (I am certain that she will never make that mistake again, ever)

Then my appointment was not okay. My cart was not read prior, no ice and no numbing cream and no listening to where I did want and didn't want dysport, I felt powerless with a needle in me and walked out feeling nervous. I did not want injections above my eyebrows and she did it, I know that I do not like it there and she did it so fast I couldn't do anything and then once she had done one side I had to let her do the other.

I usually love Epicenter but today left me feeling really bad about my body and nervous about my treatment, II am a public school teacher who relies upon slight facial expressions and hates the frozen look that I had once before when injected above eyebrows... she did not listen to me.

Please advise.... I have been a really good customer but today was all bad.:( I am sorry to have to rate to submit this because usually it works out well for me with you all.

Epi Center MedSpa replied:

Hello Gretchen,

I am extending a sincere apology for my words from your last visit here at Epi Center Med spa, there is no excuse for my comments and I would like to make your bad experience at Epi center an excellent one next time. I had just flew in from Thailand from a 3 week holiday and I was a bit jet lagged, which made me confuse you with a different patient. Again I am so sorry for my mistake and would like to offer you a nice relaxing facial on us, we greatly appreciate you as a Epi center patient and would be honored to have you come back. Please let me know if this is something you would like to do.



3 stars Verified customer

They fit me in for a shot for a cyst that was forming, but he missed the actual spot. :(

3 stars Verified customer

I've had a great experience in the past, however this time the technician seemed less experienced. I came in for fillers (which I've been getting for a few years) and in this instance, one side was overfilled- the edges of the filler were not gradual (hard lines showing the product). From massaging, I had bruising for the first time ever doing this procedure. Also first time that the placement looked very unnatural; too high under my eyes, looking cartoonish. I came back the following day for bruising treatment and a more experienced technician was able to massage a more natural line of the product. Their support was excellent -- however, I would do more research into which technician I'm seen by for a future appointment. It's much more stressful when it's my face -- something I can't cover up if something goes wrong.

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Professional service with a smile