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several weeks back I accompanied my GF to smilebuilderszin Lancaster Pa. While there, i showed the receptionist at the desk my insurance card, and asked if they took AETNA (the 5th largest insurance provider in the US)to which she replied yes. 2 days later i made an appointment over the phone, during which the lady on the other end of the line took a lot of info, including my insurance company, and made an appointment... for 1 month away, which was their next available one, although I did get on a list for any cancellations, which I did happen. The day before the appointment, a guy named Josh calls to inform me they dont take aetna.. this after 2 people said they did, and 2 weeks of a painful broken tooth. Frankly, if they are that ignorant/unprofessional in their office admin, i wouldnt dare let one of their dentists work on me. Try them if you want, but you have been warned...

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My special needs son presented with acute tooth pain. Smilebuilderz had cleaned his teeth as well as taken care of fillings. He was in pain and a bit nervous. Dr. Skiadis made my son feel comfortable. A conservative approach was taken to stop the pain. Dr. Skiadis was correct with his diagnosis and did not go overboard with the treatment. A pleasant experience for everyone. Thank you!

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They continue to make appointments for the wrong service being peformed. Lack of communication with the Orthodontist team. Rude and very unkind when they're the ones that are making the mistakes and never a kind look or smile or an I'm sorry. The hygentist girls however are awesome, always smiling and pleasant!! The only reason we keep coming back. However that may soon change.

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I have had SEVERE anxiety for years about going to a dentist,I met Dr.Torres and immediately felt at ease! He is such a caring and understanding person.I had to have several extractions done and then was able to get dentures.I now am able to smile and not be ashamed!I can't thank Dr.Torres enough and his staff for what they have done for me! I remember waking up from my surgery with a beautiful set of teeth in my mouth and Dr.Torres said to my daughters,Doesn't she look great with teeth?!I just cried and so did my daughters!(Happy tears).I highly recommend Smilebuilderz! I know there are a lot of people out there like me that have anxiety,Trust me this is the place to go,they help you every step of the way!Thank you so much again Dr.Torres!

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DR.D.Williams.Its the Best Dentist I Ever Have in My Life out of any dentist i seen to DR.WILLIAM Thank You For you time and eford.ATT Jaime G Figueroa.

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Thumbs up. Great service with no wait . Gentle on teeth and I felt good and liked the cartoons while getting teeth worked on.

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Thanks very much to Dr. Eagles recomending I replace the old crowns. There was considerable decay beneath them that had to removed but could not be seen before removing the old crowns.

Thanks Dr. Eagles

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a bit of an assembly line feel to it.. perhaps thois IS the newest thing in dentistyr but its kinf odd to go to so many differnt places in one building... im still not completly comfortable with people doing fillingd who are NOT dentists.

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This place has to be the most frustrating business that I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. They constantly make mistakes as far as scheduling and estimates. They will tell you an out of pocket price and then charge you far more after the procedure. They make attempts to do procedures that are not needed in order to gain corporate bonuses for meeting revenue levels. Yes they have the best equipment but their moral standards are as poor as they come. They're just purse snatchers with a drill.

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I had to call three times to get a prescription filled for my absessed tooth and I tried to get an appointment with a doc and I had to say it was an emergency on the third call before I could get in.