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I absolutely love the clinic but have been fairly upset that I missed my cleaning after both getting text messages and speaking to someone in person. Both interactions had me scheduled at 8 not 7. I ultimately had to reschedule another appointment causing me to miss more work.

In addition a student assisted with my filling driving me crazy.

Good thing I have such better days and wonderful experiences in the past.

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I had the best experience on the phone with the administrative person at the front desk.

Then I went into the clinic to get my tooth pulled.

The doctor wasn't very nice, and was very pushy. When giving me lidocaine she didn't really give me info just stuck the needle in my mouth. When I was leaving I asked for a consult to an oral surgeon, and she said no. Not until I go back and see her for a cleaning. Maybe I took it the wrong way but this made me feel like she was withholding information just to lure me back into her office. Which made me very upset.

I had lots of bleeding and pain afterwards, which was expected.

I called the clinic and was told that I couldn't have pain meds because she hardly ever gives out pain meds. I was furious, I insisted they give me something. I was told that they would send in for a few pain meds, then was just hung up on. I was never asked where my pharmacy, so i believed it was just a way to shut me up. Those magical pills that were ordered were never picked up as my pain continued. I just received horrible doctor patiet service. I work in the medical field and would never treat a patient of mine in this manner.

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I experienced some pain last night, and the bottom chin is still numb? I thought this would go away after the procedure. it had been numb for at least a WEEK PRIOR TO THE TREATMENT.

If the numbness doesn't go away in a few days, I'll call you.

thanks again, Demetrio Montoya

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I have had such a great experience with riverside dental. I have never been treat with such great customer > I will be sure a recommend Riverside dental to all my family and friends ...

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All is going well, so far no complications

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I had a great experience at riverside dental.

The Doctor is great, (No Pain). The staff was very helpful and nice. Best dental visit ever.

5 stars

This describes Dr. Heywood, her staff, and the prescribed dental work as well. Being a senior, I need lots of both. Thank you so much for taking care of me.

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My son and I missed a checkup, came on the wrong date, and they still worked us in. We left smiling, to the degree you can after leaving the dentis office!

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Made me comfortable and well taken care off

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I came in expecting a check up and found out I was getting a root canal, my nerves took over and I started crying and shaking, ya know. After Michelle, the student dentist, came over and held my hand, I felt better. Dr. Heywood is awesome. She's patient and gentle and kind. I know my next experience will be much better.