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This was the longest wait time ever!!!!! My appointment was at 3:30PM. By the time I left the office, if was 10 til 5!

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I recently went to heavenly dental for a filling and found out that I had to have a root canal and a crown. This is very costly to someone with no insurance I became very upset feeling that I would not be able to afford the procedure. I was very struck with how helpful the receptionist was. She offered to spread my bill out into payments so that I could afford to get the necessary work done. She was very kind and understanding and made me feel at ease.

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latrice is excellent

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Very friendly, knowledgeable, and compassionate.

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My experience with your office was not good.

1) My last filling was too large a clump of filling. When I bite down, I get a slight pain in tooth. Dentist had the pad to see my "bite" and should not have left it that way. I am just the patient not the professional.

2) My front filling in the front of my mouth has a brown line that is detectable in the front of my tooth as my new filling just put in by your office. I feel that the doctor should have waited for the dental assistant to assist her on my two fillings. It seemed to be a bit of a rush job and awkward.

3) My Dental insurance told me that when your office applied for the Deep gum cleaning, my x-rays were not included on both occasions. Don't understand why you didn't correct it the second time because you received the same letter I did showing what you did wrong.

4) I was not advised of my rights properly by the receptionist. Instead of advising me to follow through with my insurance, I was told to get a credit so that I could go into further debt for my Deep cleaning of my gums.

In conclusion, in my new service year, I will have to find another dentist that will undo the damage that I received with my fillings.

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The receptionist was rude and my mouth has never been the same since I had dental work done, My fillings was uneven and I had to go back to get it adjusted and my teeth just dont feel right since I had the dental work completed. And did I tell you the receptionisst was extremly RUDE!!!! Actually I said to the dental assistant I will never come back here again, and I have not!!!!!!

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Heavenly Dentist provides a great dental experience!

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My dental experience at Heavenly Dental Associates was "Heavenly." My nervousness about an extraction decreased because of the compassionate friendly atmosphere created by everyone at Heavenly Dental Associates. Thank you so much Heavenly Dental Associates.

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I call on 10/14/14 at 11:20 and told them I had Crack a tooth the young lady ask when can I get there I told her around 3pm. When I got there the dentist told me that the tooth had to be pull. They could have done it that day but I didn't have any type of payment on me and was able to come in the next day to get it pull. This what I love about this dentist you don't have to wait days to see someone 8. The case I was in.