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Moretsky Cassidy Vision Correction

5 stars 1110 reviews

We researched cataract removal teams extensively and selected Moretsky Cassidy Vision Correction. My right eye was the first to be corrected. Rather than having a "comfortable" experience it was horrible as I could hear/feel the scraping and realized I could not control my body as I twisted, thrashing & contorted. I continued being very distressed as to the difficulty this was impacting the ongoing surgery. I expected and hoped to hear the surgeon direct an increase of the doseage. The strip taping my head may have reduced movement but did nothing to reduce my fear & anxiety. THE LEFT EYE, I informed the med tech of my TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE regarding my earlier right eye operation. He informed me, the surgeon had noted that I was to have increased dosage for the LEFT EYE. The 'operation was wonderful' and a significant positive experience over the previous operation. Preparation for my right eye operation required four or five attempts for my blood pressure to lower.. The anathesiologist was in the general area and he introduced himself and I informed him of my aprehension & anxiety. He summarized the procedures, and I thanked him. While I know well the variability of patients, I find it difficult to believe, after thousands of operations their is no check made to verify adequate dosage prior to performing eye surgery. Vets do prior to operating on our pets, Our dentists check, our dermatologist do as weii. ETC, ETC, ETC, ETC, I simply conclude - operation on my right eye was one of the worst experiences I have had in my life. Operation on my left eye was Wonderful. I have no idea if the same individual administering the anathesia for both eyes. I am uncertain as to why increased dosage was not directed. I do believe of the thousand and thousands of eye surgeries it would be improper to proceed without verifying the dosage as adequate. I trust the delay to provide adequate dosage was not a matter of schedule, availability of team member, or other interferences. I submit this data in hopes that it might formulate a requirement so other patients avoid experiencing a horrendous experience.
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Polished Beautyspa

5 stars 327 reviews

Over the years I have experienced many of the treatments provided by Jessica but the dermaplaning was a new and amazing experience! Jessica always provides high quality, relaxing treatments full of knowledge about how to improve your skin care and this was no different. My skin feels smooth, luscious and youthful! Love it! I highly recommend trying it yourself.
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