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I am only giving this Veterinary Hospital 2 stars, instead of 1 star, because the vet tech that helped with my dog was nice and professional. The rest of our experience was not great, however.

As first time pet owners, we wanted to ensure that we were doing the right things by our new rescue puppy*. When the veterinarian walked into the exam room, she placed her hand in front of the puppy's face. In response to having a stranger place their hand in her face, the puppy slightly moved her head toward the vet's hand. The vet admonished us for not properly socializing our puppy, stating that she "went after my hand." When called out on the fact that our puppy did absolutely nothing wrong, the vet said that "she didn't go after my hand, but her nose moved toward my hand." After that "incident" she was constantly bringing up the need to socialize the puppy properly**, as if the puppy was going to grow up vicious merely because she dared to sniff the vet's hand.

The vet tried her best to impart her wisdom upon us inexperienced pet owners. She first stated that she recommended that our puppy be spayed at 8 months because of research that shows it's beneficial. Then she mentioned that the cost would be more because our puppy would be older, and therefore bigger, increasing the cost. She also mentioned that if during surgery our puppy was found to be in heat, the cost would also increase. It sounds like a scam to me. However, since I am not a veterinarian, I would be more inclined to believe the vet. However, after giving us advice on how to train our puppy, I believe her credibility was lost. She told us "don't punish your puppy for bad behavior. Just ignore the bad behavior and reward the good behavior with treats. This will make sure that your puppy listens to you because she loves you, not because she is afraid of you. You don't want to be above your puppy, you want to be equal." I should say right off that my puppy wags her tail when scolded and is not afraid whatsoever of her owners. Even if that were not true, there is a huge difference between punishing a puppy and abusing it. If the vet carries the viewpoint that dogs should not be punished, that is fine, but she should go work at a holistic veterinary hospital where she can spew her hogwash all she wants. We expected to find to professional veterinarian advice and were sorely disappointed.

All in all, we would not recommend this veterinary hospital to anyone in the area. Our puppy ended up having an allergic reaction to the shots she was given that day and had to be taken to an emergency vet hospital. We had a much more pleasant experience at that hospital and will be taking our puppy elsewhere in the future.

*Note: even after telling the vet that she was bought from a rescue, she still mentioned to her colleagues that she came from a breeder.

**Note: our puppy has been exposed to other people, who she has lovingly showered with affection, not aggression.

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The Dr. and his staff there is very nice and friendly, they work fast , and the facility is clean

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We are very pleased with the care, service and courtesy that we and our dog recieved right from the first contact. Based on our three trips. I suggest you make this your next stop for your pet. Richard Hall.

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Very friendly they provide excellent care

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I wanted to have my dogs nails clipped...and you said I must have an exam in order to clip nails...I had exam paid for exam and you didn't clip my dogs nails...I thought you took advantage of me, I was not am not happy with you people.

Smith Veterinary Hospital replied:

I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. As explained to you when you were here, our policy is that we must have a current exam (an exam within the past year) in order to perform a nail trim. When the cost of the nail trim was proposed to you, you decided not to have it done. That was your choice.

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Great doctors and staff. Didn't have to wait long at all. Appreciate how they handle my pets with care.

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Thank you for the kind service. I prefer Smith Veterinary over all others.

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Been going to Smith Vet Hospital many years. Always caring drs., staff, pleasant environment.

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I was able to get a next day appointment which was great. Staff is friendly and the doctor was as well. Very informative and caring. I will continue to bring my fur babies here for future care needs.