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What others had to say

5 stars

I went to Dr. Somani a few weeks ago and I have not been to the dentist in years. The experience was very pleasant.

5 stars Customer since 2008

Dr Somani is the best dentist I have ever had. He makes sure you are comfortable, he is quick to handle emergencies and he is affordable. I have been to several dentists before meeting Dr. Somani, and none of them acted like they cared about my well-being. They also wanted to give dental work that wasn't necessary and didn't give me a choice to how they wanted to treat me. Dr. Somani has always discussed my options so I can make the choice!!

5 stars Verified customer

Ya exactly he is excellent, approachable, affordable, knowledgable and much more their office hours are just perfect for me and my family. The doctor is willing to work anytime for me and my family one of the saturday they worked for me and my kids at 7 am I was so happy with them they work 10 to 7 Monday to Friday which is just perfect for me and in case I can't do weekdays they work on weekends I can go on and say much more about doctor Somani but in short if you don't go to doctor Somani your definitely missing out something best best besttttt dentist. Love you dr Somani n stafff

5 stars Verified customer

This is a wonderful place I used to hate going to dentist before i started going to Dr.somani I went to couple dentists n they told me that I needed a root canal but dr Somani told me its a gum problem and he fixed it now it's been almost 6 years I never got that pain back this dentist does not work for money he works for people and to relieve their pain he is the best and now his son is the same it is so amazing how both father and son have the same magic in their hand.... I just love them.... They are the best and the staff they have is jus amazing I feel like living there with them.... Thank you do much dr Somani for taking care of my teeth

5 stars Verified customer

Best place to go if you really care for your teeth. I have been going there since 20 years, they treat me like a family :)). I highly recommend everyone to go to this dentist.

2 stars Verified customer

I went for cleaning twice and it was a painful experience.

First time while cleaning/filling they couldn't find a tool and the one they had with them was broken. Assistance was running around to find it while i was lying down with my mouth open for atleast 10 minutes and finally they used the broken tool.

Second time, cleaning was so painful than i had to stop them multiple times. Later i had 4 tooth which became senstive to hot and cold. I went back and doc gave me a mouthwash and charged me $10 for it.

4 stars Verified customer

Nice reception, minimal waiting time, clean environment, comforting service

4 stars Customer since 2008

My wife and I have been with Dr.Somani for many years. In our opinion, Dr.Somani is a great dentist and I highly recommend him.

1 stars

I would rate Dr. S. Somani's customer service Very Poor. I would never use this dentist again. I paid for X-ray's & was quoted a very high price for dental work. I called the office and asked them if i could pick up the X-ray's i paid for , they said yes. When i got to the office on Tuesday, they had me wait for Dr. Somani who told me i could pickup a copy on Friday. i told him this was urgent ,as i am a heart patient & would like to get another opinion & already had an appointment with a different Dentist. I offered to leave a cash deposit & return the X-ray's the same day. He said no. I paid another Dentist for Xray's and was told i had different options. Good customer service means a lot to me, as i am in the service industry. Steer Clear of this Dentist's office if you value you health, time & money.