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Always a good experience.

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I had my little girl spayed and some lumps removed. I was a nervous wreck (she’s Almost 13) and Dr.Shekk is such an amazing person and doctor. She made me feel so much better and did an awesome job. The staff never hesitated to explain what was happening and I called a couple times to check in and they never made me feel like I was bothering them. Now she’s on the mend and doing very well. Thanks everyone!

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The appointment was very rushed. I went because Laci keeps scooting and licking herself. Her anal glands were expressed but she has had regular & normal bowel movements. We came home and she’s licking herself constantly. $90 later, the issue not resolved & they told me to make another appointment I will be looking for another Veterinarian.

Somerset Veterinary Group replied:

Thank you for your review. As in the past, you scheduled Laci for a technician appointment to have her anal glands expressed. This service was performed, and it was certainly not rushed. There is no doctor examination when you schedule a technician for the procedure. The $90 charge included the tech visit, anal gland expression, and Laci's annual fecal exam. We recommend that owners schedule a veterinarian exam if they believe that there is an anal gland problem or other medical issue that requires evaluation. Technician appointments are for routine procedures. We hope Laci feels better soon.

5 stars Customer since 1999

The entire office is very compassionate and caring. I trust their care and recommendations for treatment. Hearing a diagnosis of cancer is traumatic and their concern and time spent answering questions is comforting.

5 stars Customer since 2019

I was so impressed with how well Dr Oratio worked with my very timid and shy cat; she performed the entire exam on the floor with my cat in her lap. The office was clean and well run, and seemed to move on time.

4 stars Customer since 1999

Professional services rendered by a caring and educated staff. All options discussed. Thank you.

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Loved Dr. Dekovich. She was thorough, high energy, and demonstrated great kindness and connection to Russell. Definitely want to be sure she becomes Russell's Doctor for future visits.

5 stars Customer since 1999

We were in need of some special medicine for our oldest cat at 19 years old. The medicine was readily and immediately available and very reasonably priced which we appreciatedvery much.

5 stars Customer since 1999

Our yearly check up with our older dog was accommodating. Dr Oratio was great!