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5 stars Customer since 2017

I love how Soquel Creek cares about my dog. I appreciate that they give me a plan and treatment price up front and then work with me in terms of the parts of treatment I can do on my own. This helps me not only keep vet fees down but also alliows me to take an even more active part in my dog’s health.

5 stars Verified customer

We were visiting for updated shots, however our cat Whiskers had been very sick and we had not been back to visit since he had gotten well. The attention Whiskers received from everyone was so heartwarming. We really feel our kitty is loved and well cared for! Thank you to the entire crew:)

5 stars Customer since 2010

Staff are always really friendly. Pet lovers for sure. Minimal wait to be seen for my appointment.

5 stars Customer since 2016

Jason and the rest of the crew always make my lil puppy feel loved and comfortable while providing very professional and on point care that she needs !!

5 stars Customer since 2015

Dr. Miller and his very helpful and personable staff genuinely create a welcoming and safe veterinary clinic for all of our pets to receive treatment.

Lots of tail wagging and even the cats seem okay with the environment as they check-in and out. The horses and various other animals must feel this too.

Soquel Creek Animal Hospital is a state of the art hospital, with a warm and caring feel.

Ollie and me thank you again!

Susan Hampton

5 stars Customer since 2014

Having just had major surgery, I came home to find that I was completely out of all four of my pets (2 cats 2 dogs) flea and heartworm meds. So I called Soquel Creek Animal Hospital to see if I could possible just get the meds mailed over to me (I would of course be happy to cover the shipping fees) BUT not only did Dr Miller spend 20 minutes on the phone with me (FOR FREE!) discussing the right course of action for my over grooming crazy neurotic kitty… Mind you this is not the first time he has taken time to phone consult with me, without me having to bring her in for a visit since he knows her so well… and well dragging your neurotic kitty to the vet is stressful to both you and the kitty, and again I had just had surgery... But then they price matched Petmeds online prices, AND THEN very next the sweet Mrs Marcelle Gangloff-Escobar drove across town to the far Westside, even though she was headed towards Watsonville, and hand delivered the meds to me in person!!! Words cannot express my humble gratitude for the caring and kindness and exceptional loving care provided by this team of animal wellbeing experts.

Please!!! Don’t even get me started on the numerous foxtails that Dr Miller has pulled out of Juma’s (my 100 lbs Dutch Shepard) nose! I CAN go on and on endlessly with how much I appreciate these people!

4 stars Customer since 2017

This was my first visit and I so appreciated Dr. Miller's thoroughness and caring attention in answering my concerns. I had a bit of a wait which, with a cat and dog waiting room (I have a cat), was a bit stressful for my furry friend. I also would have liked to have known what to expect with the vaccine given as my cat was extremely subdued the next day and I felt anxiety wondering if it was normal. I did like Dr. Miller a lot and will return again.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Great visit from start to finish! The reception staff and nurses could not have been more kind and helpful. Dr. Miller answered all of my questions, and I am very pleased with the care that my puppy received.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Just moved here from out of state and my dog injured her leg . They got me right in and the service was great from everyone, looking forward to taking all my doggies to Dr Miller.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Good staff and nice personal

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Reed Kuratomi, DDS

5 stars 2372 reviews

Areas to consider improving: 1. Explaining more, as it’s happening, what you’re doing in someone’s mouth. We have no idea what’s going on there and I like knowing what’s going on, as it’s going on. For example: “We’re going to blow some air on your teeth because it helps us ascertain if there are any problem areas, like cavities” etc. And then after the inspection, "Your teeth look good and we didn't see any cavities or issues." 2. For fillings, I think it would be great to show the patient, with a mirror, the before and after of the tooth. Okay, here’s what it looked like with the cavity, and now here’s what it looks like with the filling. Most of us will never see the fillings, unless they’re in obvious places. 3. I would recommend not having discussions, that don’t relate to the patient or patient’s care, while working on a patient. Leave those discussions for more appropriate times when there isn’t a patient in the chair. 4. Not sure what the standard is for the length of appointments for cleaning. It’s probably a standard time, like an hour which makes sense. But I still had a lot of stains on my teeth (of unknown origin), and there wasn’t time to remove all the stains before the end of my appointment time. There were also stains left on my teeth after my first dental appointment at your office, which I believe also related to a time constraint as well. I didn’t say anything after the first cleaning because I thought all the stains related to having to whiten my teeth. But the recent hygienist told me it wasn’t a whitening issue. It was a matter of scraping them off the teeth. So I left the office after my recent cleaning, thinking all the stains were removed and they weren’t just because there wasn’t time (which wasn't the hygienist's fault). It would be better to communicate with the patient so they know what the status is of their teeth and then offer solutions. For example: “We didn’t have time to get to all the stains on your teeth because there were just too many. But I would recommend _____________ (schedule another cleaning sooner than six months, wait until your next appointment and request a little longer appointment, etc).” That way, you’re dealing with it upfront. I understand time constraints. I think it’s a matter of working on communication and offering solutions. Things I appreciated: 1. The staff is very friendly and supportive. 2. I wasn’t charged a fee for a copy of my x-rays. Your office is the only office I can think of who hasn’t charged me for a copy. 3. Any questions I had were answered. 4. It didn’t take months to get an appointment. 5. The office seems to be run very efficiently. People come and go smoothly. 6. The bathroom is clean. 7. The communication and consideration of the patient and their comfort is high. I noticed this both for my filling and my cleaning. 8. When I requested a follow-up, even though it’s not standard, the office scheduled a quick one so the the dentist could see the tooth after. It was more for my peace of mind than a necessity, but I appreciated it. 9. The front office is welcoming and it's pleasant atmosphere.
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Advanced Dentistry - Kevin Ippisch, DDS, Inc.

5 stars 89 reviews

Dr Ippisch and his amazing staff are the best. They make you comfortable when undergoing an procedure or routine cleaning. I have been a patient for 20 years and wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. If you need cosmetic work done Dr Ippisch is an absolute artist at perfecting your smile.
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