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Wonderful staff and great service! Happy dogs!

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Took my little dog into see Dr. Miller for a check up and vaccinations. The Dr. and staff were very nice, asked a lot of questions about my dog, and explained things very well. I would definitely recommend Soquel Creek Animal Hospital!

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Got appt quickly

Short wait time

Thorough exam

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Having had my last 2 veterinarians retire recently I did my homework to search for a new veterinarian that was not only knowledgeable but also had no plans on retiring soon.

I am pleased to have met Dr Miller and his office staff. During the exam on both my cats he listened to my story and clearly understood the unusual medical situation with one of my cats . Dr Miller proposed a simple and sensible game plan With-out charging me for a myriad of tests and expensive medications. He was able to simplify the efforts I had been taking to keep my cat George healthy and explained the importance of a few different steps we should take next .

I feel confident that l that my cats are in good hands with Dr Miller and his very professional staff.

Natalain Schwartz

5 stars Customer since 2012

Great Staff - Very knowledgable Vet! Friendly office environment

5 stars Customer since 2017

Very caring about my pets needs. Staff is very nice and helpful. I totally trust my animals in Dr.Millers care.

5 stars Verified customer

Dr Miller and his staff are the best! Always super accommodating and very caring.

5 stars Customer since 2015

I am always happy with the care my doggies receive here!

5 stars Customer since 2018

The visit was very affordable and the staff was very kind to Domingo. Will definitely be back.

4 stars Customer since 2015

Everything was great

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Reed Kuratomi, DDS

5 stars 2525 reviews

Areas to consider improving: 1. Explaining more, as it’s happening, what you’re doing in someone’s mouth. We have no idea what’s going on there and I like knowing what’s going on, as it’s going on. For example: “We’re going to blow some air on your teeth because it helps us ascertain if there are any problem areas, like cavities” etc. And then after the inspection, "Your teeth look good and we didn't see any cavities or issues." 2. For fillings, I think it would be great to show the patient, with a mirror, the before and after of the tooth. Okay, here’s what it looked like with the cavity, and now here’s what it looks like with the filling. Most of us will never see the fillings, unless they’re in obvious places. 3. I would recommend not having discussions, that don’t relate to the patient or patient’s care, while working on a patient. Leave those discussions for more appropriate times when there isn’t a patient in the chair. 4. Not sure what the standard is for the length of appointments for cleaning. It’s probably a standard time, like an hour which makes sense. But I still had a lot of stains on my teeth (of unknown origin), and there wasn’t time to remove all the stains before the end of my appointment time. There were also stains left on my teeth after my first dental appointment at your office, which I believe also related to a time constraint as well. I didn’t say anything after the first cleaning because I thought all the stains related to having to whiten my teeth. But the recent hygienist told me it wasn’t a whitening issue. It was a matter of scraping them off the teeth. So I left the office after my recent cleaning, thinking all the stains were removed and they weren’t just because there wasn’t time (which wasn't the hygienist's fault). It would be better to communicate with the patient so they know what the status is of their teeth and then offer solutions. For example: “We didn’t have time to get to all the stains on your teeth because there were just too many. But I would recommend _____________ (schedule another cleaning sooner than six months, wait until your next appointment and request a little longer appointment, etc).” That way, you’re dealing with it upfront. I understand time constraints. I think it’s a matter of working on communication and offering solutions. Things I appreciated: 1. The staff is very friendly and supportive. 2. I wasn’t charged a fee for a copy of my x-rays. Your office is the only office I can think of who hasn’t charged me for a copy. 3. Any questions I had were answered. 4. It didn’t take months to get an appointment. 5. The office seems to be run very efficiently. People come and go smoothly. 6. The bathroom is clean. 7. The communication and consideration of the patient and their comfort is high. I noticed this both for my filling and my cleaning. 8. When I requested a follow-up, even though it’s not standard, the office scheduled a quick one so the the dentist could see the tooth after. It was more for my peace of mind than a necessity, but I appreciated it. 9. The front office is welcoming and it's pleasant atmosphere.
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SeaBreeze Dental Group

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Dental hygienist was excellent - very careful but still did a great job. Office staff is always professional an friendly.
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