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5 stars Customer since 2013

I was in a car accident and was seeing a chiropractor and not getting better, when a friend of mine told me about Dr. Bernard at South Mountain Chiropractic. I went and saw him for a consultation, I was unsure because I had been having Chiropractic care and I was not getting better. I went home and talked to my husband and talked to him about what Dr. Bernard's treatment would consist of and it made total since to me, so I decided too give him a try.

I am so greatful for Dr. Bernard, treatment started and when I was having a bad day Dr. Bernard would talk me through it and explain everything to me. (I might of been a little high maintenance ) but he was so professional and took the time too explain my treatment, over and over. Dr. Bernard would go online and get my MRI reports, and explain them to me. He has changed my life, I thought I was going to have to live with back and hip pain forever. I had no ideal that Chiropractic care was so different, until I met Dr. Bernard, he really cares and makes you feel special, and knows what he is talking about. I would caution anyone that thinks all chiropractic care is the same, it is not and I have no doubt that I would of never got better at the first office I went too. Thanks Dr. Bernard you are truly the best!!!!!! PS. His massage therapist Denise, is the best she knows every mussel in the body and how one affects the other. I would recommend Dr. Bernard and believe his is the BEST chiropractor!!!