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5 stars Customer since 2022

Dr Reddy is fantastic!! I have been here twice now with a very sick dog. They run necessary tests, but, inform you of the cost before hand. Both times they have handled his problems quickly and effectively.

This place is priceless. 24/7 service is remarkable.

2 stars Customer since 2022

The wait times were atrocious, which I understand as they're one of the few places open on the weekends but they definitely need a better system/ways to notify customers about their place in line. I spent HOURS here several days in a row trying to get care for my cat. We also had to wait over an hour just to pick up more medication when they accidentally didn't give us enough. While I definitely appreciated that they helped my pet, the first doctor I spoke with did NOT have confidence in what he was saying & made me immediately distrust his opinion/care for my cat. I felt very uncomfortable & afraid. They did not ease this. The receptionists were kind & friendly but I really needed that from the doctors as well since my cat's life is in their hands. The costs were also SUPER expensive, would not go here again if I can avoid it. They however were helpful over the phone & answered all the questions I asked during & after our visit. Thank you for that. I just think the whole place could use some work to improve their business & make it more efficient. Wait times on the phone were also absurdly long.

5 stars Customer since 2018

Expensive, but excellent care and expertise!

5 stars Customer since 2020

Fast, friendly

5 stars Customer since 2022

they took indigo right away :D, they were very nice, i wish the doc took a liltte more time explaining, i felt rushed w the doc. other then that everything was good!!

1 stars Customer since 2022

They were willing to lie to me and, once they found out I had pet insurance, tried to add more tests to pad the bill. I said no to the additional tests. They did the additional tests anyway, and tried to charge me without showing me an itemized bill! I caught what they did (when I demanded to see my cat - they were going to check me out without ever having seen my cat) and asked for the cost to be removed since I explicitly said no, was told it would be removed. Then at check out, I asked to ensure the costs had been removed and they hadn't been so she had to get authorization. This place is a scam.

Regarding lying to me - I called 5 hours after I dropped my cat off and was told he was next up for surgery so I asked about the results of the EKG since he had a heart murmur. She said she didn't know but I kept pushing, only to find they hadn't done the EKG yet and he was not next up for surgery, she had just said that to get me off the phone.

4 stars Verified customer

With how overwhelmed vet hospitals are right now I was so grateful to be able to get my dog in on a Saturday evening for a non life threatening emergency. Everyone was very friendly, they got us in to be looked at quickly and they let me know what was going on within a few minutes of taking my dog into the back. My only complaint would be that it took a very long time to discharge us. I think this was just an oversight, and honestly as I mentioned before I was just glad to be able to get my dog in somewhere to be seen on a weekend. For the purpose of our visit I would say South Seattle Veterinary Hospital was great!

5 stars Customer since 2016

Everyone was excellent the women who were on the front desk were friendly helpful knowledgeable Pleasant, dr. mchaffie was excellent I was very happy with him the clinic was nice and clean it was a really good experience

5 stars Verified customer

Very helpful crew the evening we were there!

5 stars Verified customer

Very helpful crew the evening we were there!