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It took me 40 minutes to get prescription cat food. 40 minutes.

5 stars Customer since 2022

This place is amazing. I watched them handle an unbelievably high volume of clients this weekend with really great care. The people working the front desk were so helpful and kind. My vet was incredibly good and so thorough. I never once felt like they were rushing the care, despite being so busy. I was so grateful I got in, as these places seem to always fill up on the weekends --understandably. I would not hesitate to bring my beloved pet back. Thank you so much for the care.

5 stars Customer since 2022

South Seattle Veterinary Hospital was so fantastic when our little dog Britten broke his leg late Wednesday night. We were visiting family and out of our normal "vet zone" and they were the closest available.

But boy, did they exceed expectations!

They were so caring and thoughtful, and answered my 8,000 questions (not my first ER vet rodeo, sadly, so I've learned to ask many questions, write things down, and ask again if I'm not 100 clear).

But one thing I missed in the chaos of the night, which my 12yo niece pointed out the next day right away when she saw it, is that they took one extra, heartwarming step. It was unnecessary for medical purposes, but hugely compassionate and lovely.

They put a little tape heart on his splint.

You never want to go to the ER vet, but if you have to, this is a model of how it's done.

5 stars Customer since 2022

Brought our pup in because she ate a foreign object and were worried it wouldn't pass. Both reception and medical team did an amazing job with great bedside manner and answering all of our questions. We felt comfortable leaving our dog in their care. If we have an emergency in the future this is where we will bring our dog.

5 stars Verified customer

On a holiday weekend with no one else was open they were open and even though the wait was a little longer at least they got her in and she’s doing well

The doctor and stuff are very compassionate. I can’t imagine the stress they take.

4 stars Customer since 2022

Dr. Brar had the misfortune to diagnose my dog Ginnie with terminal cancer, and then to have to deliver that news to me. I couldn’t have asked for a more compassionate delivery, or for a more thorough analysis of her condition. I would happily give this facility a 5 just for that part, but the office staff was incredibly disorganized. I had to wait over an hour to check out, trying unsuccessfully not to cry my eyes out while I was waiting. It’s not cheap, but to find such a wonderful doctor on the Saturday after thanksgiving to treat my dog who was in considerable distress was more than I hoped for.

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Got good advice over the phone, and then my dog got good treatment overnight. Vets and other staff are patient and pleasant despite how busy the hospital is, especially as it was a holiday weekend.

5 stars Customer since 2021

The front office staff is excellent.

1 stars Verified customer

The front desk attendant was cold and rude. She tried to get me to take my dog, who is 15 and just had a life threatening event, somewhere else. Once the vet agreed to see me she was equally as cold and rude and acted like bringing my dog in was pointless. She clearly wasn’t paying attention either. As I was asking her questions she was listening to a conversation happening in the lobby. She checked my dogs vitals and said he was clear and has no heart murmurs. Which is 100% wrong because he does have a heart murmur and has had one for years that we monitor. Makes me wonder if she did anything when she took him to the back. All around zero compassion, zero professionalism and I would never recommend this place.

5 stars Verified customer

The care used towards our animals are so kind and caring, the customer service towards us is the best one out there.