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The South Seattle Veterinary Hospital is one of the best vet offices I have visited in terms of their staff and attentiveness towards my pet. I live up north but had to visit them because they were the only office who was able to perform an emergency CT scan on my cat. Upon walking in, the receptionists were so kind and helped us to get checked in right away. From there, they were able to take my cat back and I was able to wait in a waiting room! Most vet offices right now ask that you stay in your car due to Covid. Anyway, the two veterinarians I spoke with were extremely knowledgeable and compassionate with what was going on with my cat. If I didn’t live so far, I would want them to become my main vet for my other surviving pet. They definitely deserve five stars and then some.

5 stars Customer since 2017

The people at South Seattle Veterinary Hospital are so great. Everyone from the front desk to the medical assistants to the doctors has always treated our dog Copper so well.

5 stars Customer since 2017


1 stars Customer since 2021

Awful experience with Goraya, who was clearly trying to order unnecessary and invasive interventions for my dog to run up the bill as high as possible. She had a positive giardia test and typical associated symptoms, but before even getting any test results he led by stating that he wanted to hospitalize her overnight; after the results, he said he wanted to keep her overnight to run q2h barium swallow studies to rule out obstruction, the frequency of which as an ICU nurse is something I've never even heard of for humans. I advocated for her to just receive the antiemetic injection and antibiotics for the giardia; I took her home that evening, and she responded well to those and has been much better. Had a terrible feeling the entire time my dog was left in the back there and hated the disrespect with which Goraya spoke to me. Will certainly not be back and am telling anyone else I know to avoid this vet.

5 stars Customer since 2014

I really appreciate how the entire team works together to make it a great experience!

5 stars Verified customer

Drea and my vet tech both were patient, kind, efficient, and friendly.

2 stars Verified customer

We were grateful that they cared for our pup. However, we had a couple experiences that weren't great.

1. The two vets that cared for our pup over the 24 hours she was there gave us 2 different diagnoses, which required extra x-rays be ordered (which obviously cost us more money). The original vet, who admitted our pup, went back to their original diagnosis when they saw her again the next day. We would have expected them to communicate with each other more so we could avoid extra unnecessary charges for an already expensive visit.

2. We were not told when they took our pup back for an exam that we would not get to say goodbye to her and we didn't get to see her again after she was admitted. This was agonizing for us. We desperately wish her exam could have been conducted in the room with us. It's hard to trust someone we've never been to before.

3. When we picked her up, we were given a time to come. We showed up on time, waited 45 minutes to talk to the vet, and then ANOTHER 45 minutes until they brought our dog out to the waiting room.

5 stars Customer since 2021

My dog started to have back pain and walk very strange on a Sunday night and I took her in. Everyone from the phone, to the receptionist and to the vet were very caring and provided a very good service. I recommend calling and checking if they are accepting emergencies and after they confirm it you and your pet will for sure receive a very nice service.

5 stars Customer since 2021

The entire staff was kind and compassionate, which is not what I encounter at most emergency clinics. They were thorough and communicated well, eager to answer questions and not dismissive like most vets.

5 stars Verified customer

Brought my German Shepherd in after her tail got caught in the door. We were seen right away and the vet held her for sedation and stitches for a little less than three hours. We went home and got a call to come pick her up. She was in good spirits and I appreciate being seen right away.