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98.7% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Customer since 2007

Dr. Katy Linderman is an excellent veterinarian that really takes care of our fur babies. She goes the extra mile when needed. Her staff are kind, caring to the parents and so very loving with the fur babies. I recommend highly.

5 stars Customer since 2021

The visit started out very harrowing because my cat, Amber, got loose in the parking lot and wouldn’t come to me. The staff helped me corral her. Dr. Linderman gave thorough exams and was very professional. She found a pre-diabetic condition in one of our cats, and put her on a special diet. Everything was great. My only concern is the high cost. Retired and on a fixed income, it is beyond our means. However, we want the best for our feline companions!

5 stars Customer since 2011

Feel that this group really cares for pets.

5 stars Customer since 2021

Dr. Linderman and her vet assistant Christiane are amazing. They go above and beyond the call of duty to care for and nurture our beloved pets. As well as provide superb medical care, that is science based and extremely thorough.

I visited several vets before finding the attentive and thorough care that Dr Linderman and Christiane provide; while providing great pet owner education, empowering us to care well for our pets. Absolutely LOVE this practice.

Dr Linderman saved our sweet girl’s life by identifying the seriousness of our puppy’s illness and getting her the treatment and care she needed. A year and a half later, Magnolia is a walking miracle!

Thank you Dr Linderman, Christiane and staff of Standifer Pet Hospital.

5 stars Customer since 2019

As always friendly and professional

5 stars Customer since 2019

I love these people.

1 stars Verified customer

Well, our ten year old dog was just not acting like himself. Of course with aging dogs, sometimes they are just grumps. That's life. Another part of the dog life is stinky ear infections. We noticed the itches coming on, so we knew we had to get to the vet. It wasn't just his ears though. The changes were bizarre. He was anxious. Always restless, and he would BARK constantly AT us and guests alike. He couldn't be calmed. He was always out of breath. We got low growls for no reason. We knew there was more happening that we didnt understand.

SO, we made our appointment! We had to get those ears checked obviously,(and his nails needed a trim) but we really wanted Dr. Linderman to REALLY check our boy out from head to toe. We described all the ways we had seen him go downhill lately. Running tests and doing some exams, maybe x-rays seems like a logical place to start, no? At the VET?

Ya'll. First of all, our dogs appointment was a drop off, pick up situation. It's important for me to also note, our buddy HATES his nails being clipped. He's such a jerk about it he has to be sedated for that alone. We figured what better day to need a FULL HEALTH INVESTIGATION then when he's already asleep? We were basket cases all day. What if she says it's something really bad? What if What if What if...We have all been there. It's maddening.

FINALLY, it was time to go pick him up. Dad dad was a little put off upon arrival though, as Dr. Linderman was not even there. But he (we) had questions- like...lots of them. So he inquires with the girls taking his payment: What tests did you do, what'd you find?

This is no snub to them, but it was clear their job was to run the desk. They were not techs or nurses, It is BEYOND me why Dr. Linderman wasn't there to discuss her findings. But ok, things happen. She had to go, maybe she had plans.

WHAT MADE IT COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE IS DR. LINDERMAN NOTCALLING one of us to go over the results. (turns out she didn't need to, but I digress).

In lieu of the normal vet-client conversation, to her credit, Dr. Linderman did sent two full pages of notes home for us to review.

These notes are in a tiny font. It was A LOT of information. It gives you the impression the exam was thorough and complete. (Hint: NOPE) Ok, but as the vet, it's pretty obvious that I'm not one. I come to you for answers, not to have to do a college thesis to understand what services I just paid for.

These notes were written by doctor, but they were written for another doctor to read, not her customers. The medical jargon, references to coding( plus the tiny print) was an absolute nightmare. It was incredibly hard to follow for other reasons too: maybe Doc has a good reason for how and why she writes in the order she does, BUT MY LORD. It was Ears, Eyes, Prostate, Breathing- ear infection treatment, random CDC tip for some medication our dog doesn't take...

This was 8/24/22

Fast Forward to 8/30/22 My dog is in the emergency vet. He cant stop panting, he labored over every breath. He's frantic, anxious, and barking his poor little lungs out. He was gulping down water like he was in a desert. It's 2 a.m. I brought his records from where he was JUST at the vet to be checked out...what could be wrong with my baby?

There was NO BLOOD WORK DONE. There was NO X RAY of anything. There wasn't a fecal test done. There wasn't a uranalysis. To be fair, I did not specify what tests to do, I dont know which ones to do, anyway. I wouldnt have a clue which to do or where to start...but NO BLOOD WORK. Why? Was it cost? Could you not have called us, Dr. Linderman, and just asked us about expenses? Why did you just give our best friend the cheapo quick exam, when we asked you to dig deep and help us get to the bottom of this?

He has Cushing Disease. He has CLASSIC symptoms of it. I'd never heard of anything like that. I bet I should've though. I dont usually write novels for reviews, or reviews at all, but I'm angry. This whole dramatic, expensive, stress filled all nighter could've been avoided.

Eh. Maybe not, you very well could've done the tests and still told me he was OK. I truly don't know anymore.

That was 8/24.

$900 at the emergency vet

5 stars Customer since 2022

Best Vet I’ve been to hands down! I know my pooch is in good hands and that the Veterinarian truly cares about the pets in her care.

5 stars Customer since 2015

Always a wonderful experience with the staff and the animals agree!

5 stars Customer since 2004

Great care and loving staff. Great environment for your family love.