Standiford Veterinary Center

5 stars Customer since 2016

your all the best

5 stars Customer since 1987

I have used this vet for over 30 years. Other than have phone issues wher they don't answer ( which happens a lot) the care and people are wonderful!

3 stars Customer since 2013

My cat is still sick, sneezing and stuffed up. When I told this to the person who called all I got was well, if you have any concerns or issues, don't hesitate to call us. Well, I was doing just that and still the same was repeated. Didn't feel as though I was being heard.

5 stars Customer since 2012

I felt welcome and well taken care of, the vet was great

5 stars Customer since 2006

It was very good. The people that are there are always so great with my dog Daisy.

1 stars Customer since 2011

My husband took a feral/stray cat to the vet center yesterday because I work twelve hour shifts and was not able to take her in this week and we noticed her decline in health. This is very outside his comfort zone, as he had never caught one of the cats outside our neighborhood before, and he had not experienced taking one to the vet alone. Let me give you a little back story to this; we have a neighbor that has accumulated feral and sick cats for the last five years we have lived at our home, upwards if not more than 50 (at least). During that time, we have gone out of our way to catch these cats and trap/release them to spay/neuter them, provide medical care when we can to those who are sick and injured, as well as picking up countless lifeless bodies out of the road when they've been hit by cars. We have shed tears at your vet having to put one of these cats to sleep because she was so far gone. Why does this relate to yesterday? As I said, we've spent thousands on these STRAY and FERAL cats that do not belong to us. Yesterday my husband brought in one of these cats who has had the unfortunate life of ongoing upper respiratory issues. He asked to get her antibiotics, as I have done for her every change of season for over a year, maybe two, as well as asking for vaccines (which she's obviously never been given) and flea medicine. Instead of the normal great, understanding experience we receive, Dr Greer made my husband feel like a sub-par, neglectful, "bad guy" yesterday by implying that her condition was in fact his fault and that he should think "more about the animal" than just "treating mouth sores" or the ailment. She made him feel as if he had just been cross-examined in a court room with all questions of why the cat has fleas and why he has allowed her to be sick. To be treated like a person responsible of animal cruelty when he spent over $230 in one day at your vet for this stray cat in hopes to try to shrink a problem in our neighborhood that was neither due to our choices or is our responsibility, is atrocious. I am absolutely appalled that this situation occurred. I have yet to decide if we will be returning to your establishment, if we do it will definitely only occur under the premise that we see a different doctor. I am honestly so disappointed.

5 stars Customer since 2003

Very nice all the way around. I have known Gary Lattig for over 42 years. I am glad he is still our vet

5 stars Customer since 2004

Dr Deb always provides stellar care. I appreciate her knowledge and recommendations of natural supportive therapy as well.

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Friendly staff, they listen to what is going on with your pet and answer all your questions. They give options on what can be done .

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Great vet