100.0% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Verified customer

Been there before for our one car, service was great then. Took our other car in when it wouldn't start and driving great. Steve's Auto Repair provides great communication on issues and what is being done. Great service!

5 stars Verified customer

As usual, friendly and professional service and when asked for options to fix a issue given a matrix of options

very satisfied.

5 stars Verified customer

Tremendous service. I have yet to Have problems after a repair service.

5 stars Verified customer

I took my 2006 GMC to Steve's Auto Repair after taking it to the dealer twice. Steve's Auto Repair found and repaired the problem. Now my vehicle runs and drives like I'm used to. I will be returning to Steve's Auto Repair for future repair needs. Excellent service.

5 stars Verified customer

It was great! Pleasant to work with the gentlemen and they always keep me inform of the repairs that needed to be done. Thanks guys.

5 stars Verified customer

Great service and dependable honest advice about your vehicle needs.

5 stars Verified customer

This is only my second visit to Steve's Auto Repair but the staff has always been nothing but professional, courteous, and straight to the point about my vehicle needs. As a woman with limited knowledge of auto mechanics, I feel confident when they make recommendations or suggestions about what needs to be done. I strongly suggest you pay them a visit if you are interested in the best professional service around town.

5 stars Verified customer

Taken my car in a couple of times now and I've always found everyone there courteous and helpful. Work is done in a timely fashion and I feel confident in the work performed. Not tried to be up-sold on anything or don't feel like I was told anything untrue or to get more money out of me, unlike the dealership who I've caught in multiple lies. I don't think you'd be disappointed if you took your vehicle here. Customer service is alive and well here.

1 stars Verified customer

When i moved back to Virginia 4 years ago, one of the first things I did was try and find a good auto repair center. I looked far and wide from my southern Manassas home. I settled on Steve's Auto Repair based upon the customer reviews on social media and a few initial good interactions. However, I have just about had it with the shorty work. My most recent visit I needed to get a lot of thing done due to a very important long hauling of my daughter's horse coming up. I wanted a gold class oil change, tire rotation, transmissions service, transfer case service, and state inspection. The original quote came to about a grand. HOWEVER, I noted that in two prior visits, when my tires were rotated, the tech forgot to reset the tire sensor gauges to the dashboard. So when hauling horses, Im freaking out because ether figgie sensors are not reading correctly. An hour later when I finally figure out that the tech didn't reset the sensor, I've about blown my stack. So this time I tell them to pay specific attention to the tire sensors and reset them. Then I get a call that I need an additional 2 grand worth of work to pass the state inspection. I say ok, do it.

When I pick up my Tahoe, I ask if the sensors have been reset, the service manager reads the report and then has to send someone out to do it manually in the parking lot with me waiting. I can't understand a single word he says to me when I leave. WITH 12 FUCKING MILES FROM STEVE's my dashboard lights up saying to service the tire pressure system. 12 FUCKING MILES out I get an error. I didn't even make it back to my god damn house before problems started.

So then I started to look around. I paid for an oil change yet the oil sensor said I only had 33% oil life yet. At best, this was just shotty work and the tech didn't reset the gauge, but why stop there. I then check the tire pressure. I paid for a gold level oil change and tire rotation, yet every tire had significantly different tire pressure. Tire pressure should have been checked during the tire rotation AND the oil change, yet all tires were between 32 and 38 PSI. So AGAIN, this is either shotty work OR I was charged for service that was never done.

Does the reader of this review remember when Sears Auto was scamming customers by charging them for services never performed?

|I'm wondering what out of the $3k of work that I paid for was actually done. At best, it was done by someone who has zero attention to detail. At worst, Steve's is running a scam.

Trust me folks, I have serious anger management issues. I will go friggin ballistic if you screwed me in any way. I will destroy you on Google Maps,Yelp, Angie's List...

This is your third stake. I'm coming back today to get the work completed - more hours out of my day lost - and any future business with you is going to depend on how you handle this issue.

5 stars Verified customer

Good communication

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