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I brought in my car to find out what was wrong with it as the right front tire was making a thumping noise when I turned left. I was informed that the sway bar link was broken and needed replace as well as the hub barrings. But then was also informed that my coolant was leaking so the grand total to fix everything was just over $1600. Well, I had 2 mechanics look at the car, the sway bar links & barrings was correct, but no one can find a coolant leak at all. I believe that you guys just said it was leaking in order to get me to spend more money, that is not right to do to a customer. I went to your business on a referral from a friend and will not be back for 2 reason, one I was lied to and two your quotes are way over priced.

1 stars

I was having issues with my truck and took it in for a diagnosis. I was told I needed a new torque converter. After paying $1200 to have it replaced, the problme still existed. I took it back in again two more times, and then I was told coils needed replaced which cost an additional $150. My truck still isn't fixed, and I was never offered any kind of refund. I told management I would take it somewhere else to get it fixed since they couldn't seen to find the problem. I was told "ok, but when you find out what the problem is would you call and let us know?" Really? Management should have offered some kind of refund, even if only a partial one.

1 stars

i will never use them again. tried to get a tire changed and they kept telling me they would do it. i had to call or go to the shop about 7 or 8 times each time being told they would call me back. they kept me by my phone at home and never called. i will never use them again!!!!

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5 stars Customer since 2008

Very good as usual.

5 stars Customer since 2011

Great communication and interaction with employees. Everybody was very friendly and accomodating. Very fast response and repairs.

5 stars Customer since 2013

Steves Auto was great. The employess are super friendly and very polite. I believe that they gave their honest opinion and recommendations for ny car. I would definetely go back to them.

5 stars Customer since 2011

When I received the phone call addressing the excessive damage of my engine I was mortified. However, I appreciate how Steve's Tire & Auto ALWAYS provides at least two solutions to my problems. Steve's Tire & Auto put a rebuilt engine into my SUV in less than 4 days and saved me so much money. I cannot thank them enough for their honesty and always willing to stand behind their work.

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You guys always make me feel like I am your most important customer, no matter what kind of service i come in for. Thank you for that. .

5 stars Customer since 2012

This business knows how to turn satisfied customers into dedicated clients. My recent experience at Steve's Tire and Auto has convinced me that these guys are everything you could hope for in a mechanic. They are stand-up guys who do good work and who stand behind it. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is complete. I am a small business owner, and I know how important customer relations can be, and how making an investment into a customer's satisfaction can pay off. I would strongly recommend Steve's Tire and Auto as a great place to maintain and repair your car. You will not be disappointed.