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5 stars Customer since 2011

just walked in to make appointment and got in right away!!! now that's service. Amy M you rock again with colour

Storm Hair Group | Geneva St. replied:

Hi Denise,

Timing is everything, so happy this worked out for you !!

4 stars Customer since 2014

Staff is always friendly and Rochelle is welcoming when you come in the door ! The only thing was I didn’t get s hand message !

Storm Hair Group | Geneva St. replied:

Thank you Susan, we are sad to hear you didn't receive your hand massage, we'll make sure you get a extra special hand massage next time.

5 stars Customer since 2001

It was wonderful!!! The receptionists were AMAZING!! The stylist was EXCELLENT listened to my requests about my hair and did a GREAT JOB

Storm Hair Group | Geneva St. replied:

Thank you, Mary! It's always a pleasure to have you. We look forward to seeing you again!!

1 stars Customer since 2016

Dear Storm Hair Group,

I do not like complaining or writing bad reviews but in this case I feel like it is necessary. On Monday, I came in for a simple haircut. I only asked two things; that my hair was not cut past my shoulders, and that I wanted layers to thin out my hair because it is thick. What I received was embarrassing. The stylist had split my hair into two - the bottom layer and the top layer - from there they had cut the bottom layer super short (just at my shoulders) and then the top layer was left long. At the end of the haircut, they had stated that they “did not blend the two layers together so that it gave the impression of layers.” I did not ask for the impression of layers, I had asked for layers. I realized that this haircut was not great, but I do not like to make scenes or create situations, so I thanked the stylist, paid and left.

When arriving home, I looked at my hair and it was completely - as said by another hair stylist not at your studio - botched. My hair did not blend well, my hair was uneven and chunky in places. Below I have attached a close up picture of my hair as an example.

Today I went to another hair salon to get it fixed and the stylist there outright told me that they had no idea what the stylist at your establishment was thinking, and due to how uneven my hair was, we had to cut more off than anticipated in order to fix what he had done.

This is not the first time I have been disappointed with your service. A year ago I came here and although I did like the haircut I received, the stylist who did my hair complained the entire time about how I should have told reception that I wanted extensive things done to my hair and that it would take a long time - I only wanted a wash and a cut.

The money I paid at your establishment I knew was pricy, but I since you had a good reputation I was fine with paying for quality. However, I did not receive that, and after these last two experiences I will not be coming there again.

Storm Hair Group | Geneva St. replied:


We received your email and review and are aware of your disappointment, we offer our 7 day guarantee, however you chose to go elsewhere. We stand behind our work and could have made your experience a pleasant one, again we are sorry to disappoint you.

3 stars Customer since 2018

Disappointed with haircut, one side ended up longer than the other, too much layering. It will take quite some time to grow out. Not what I asked for.

Storm Hair Group | Geneva St. replied:

Hi Monika,

We are sorry to hear you were disappointed with your haircut, we offer a 7 day guarantee and will call you to arrange a return appointment. please accept our apologies. Thank you

5 stars Customer since 2017

Great experience as per usual :)

Storm Hair Group | Geneva St. replied:

Thank you Brett, we look forward to welcoming you again.

5 stars Customer since 2018

Great visit. Beautiful facility and very helpful staff.

Storm Hair Group | Geneva St. replied:

Thank you Amanda, we appreciate the 5 star review.

5 stars Customer since 1996

Amazing. Always the best service , friedliest staff. warm and welcoming. I’ve been at storm for years and I love going back. My second home!!

See you soon

Storm Hair Group | Geneva St. replied:

Aww, thanks Thea, we enjoy seeing you as well ! You are always welcome in our home !!

5 stars Customer since 2018

People friendly, service great and I like how my hair turned out. Love Aveda products.

Storm Hair Group | Geneva St. replied:

We love that you love Aveda products too! Thank you for your kind words and we will see you again soon.

5 stars Customer since 2018

Only my second time and both times a great experiance

Storm Hair Group | Geneva St. replied:

Thank you Pamela, we look forward to your next visit.