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Great customer service, friendly and FAST!

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Great people and attention

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Went in for a $19 oil change and tire rotation and got stuck with a %8 bill. they basically lied to me, ask for 50/50 synthetic oil and got full synthetic. Am telling all the people I have an opportunity to steer clear of this place.

Sun Auto Service #71 replied:

Thank you for your feedback, Joe. Our business was founded on the virtues of honesty and integrity. We are sorry to hear that you felt that Sun Auto Service did not live up to this standard and was not transparent with regard to your oil change price. Our $19.95 oil change service, as stated on the coupon, includes up to 6 quarts of synthetic blend oil. However, according to your vehicle manufacturer specifications, your GMC Acadia requires a specialized oil. As explained to you when you arrived to our service center, the only oil that we currently had in stock that met the specifications, as set by your manufacturer, was a full synthetic oil that does cost a bit more. You left our service center after the explanation but returned five minutes later and gave authorization to perform the oil change. While it is true there are other synthetic blend oils that meet your manufacturers specifications, we do not have them in stock, which is why you were advised on the use of a full synthetic oil. Should you have any additional questions regarding your visit, we urge you to reach out to the Store Manager. Thank you.

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Quick and professional oil change. Travis is AWESOME!!

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They were extremely helpful with every questions I needed they had great customer service best automotive shop

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Thank you to all the great guys at Sun Auto. I've been a very satisfied customer of Sun Auto for many years. They can always be trusted to provide excellent service on my cars (which are older model vehicles). Sun Auto keeps my car purring.... & that makes me very !

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Always fast, courteous, and thorough!

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Got job done.

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No other business said that I needed to also fix my struts because "they were causing my brake problems." I asked my former, trusted tech in Dallas what should strut costs be and they were way too high at Sun Auto. I don't trust Sun Auto now.

Sun Auto Service #71 replied:


When a vehicle presents with a brake issue, especially warped rotors on the front, this can be caused by worn struts. When the struts get worn, they no longer support as much of the weight of the vehicle as they should. Upon braking, this extra weight is transferred to the front brakes, causing premature wear on the brake components, including the rotors. At Sun Auto Service we feel our pricing is very competitive within the industry. The price we quoted for your strut replacement was for the full strut assembly, which includes more components than just the strut itself. We encourage you to contact the store so they can provide apples to apples price comparison versus the technician from Dallas. We hope this explanation restores your trust in our Company.

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I try to go to Sun Auto Service whenever I can because their prices are fair and they generally stick to the time frame they promise. I also appreciate that the service technicians explain other services that will be necessary to perform at some point without bullying me into getting them done that day the way other places do.