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Steve was fantastic as always. Very helpful and honest.

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Simple oil change and tire rotation but they were knowledgeable and gave me tips on things that I shoud do myself to fix up my car.

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Wonderful quick service

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Made an appointment for an oil change on a Saturday! It was a quick and easy process! Love going there because they refer back to to my history and ensure I want the same services! It only took about 45 minutes. Everyone is always so nice and courteous. Another bonus...Across the sreet there are a few restaurants/breweries you can enjoy while you wait!

I definitely recommend this Sun Devil Auto!

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Pat was very helpful in taking care of the problem

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Really like this auto shop - they seem very honest and always helpful

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Excellent service!

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I dropped my car off on Saturday morning after having an oil change at Jiffy Lube and finding out that I had an oil leak. I also stated that the right hand side of my car would make a clicking/tapping sound near the air conditioner. They asked if I wanted to have that fixed as well and I said "well quote me on it and I will let you know based on how much it costs". I received a phone call a couple hours later informing me that the total cost of the repairs would be around $1100 and I approved the costs. I now regret doing that without first taking it to another mechanic to verify the issues and cost, but it's too late now. They told me that it would take 7 hours to complete my vehicle, so it should have been done that day (Saturday). I never heard from them by the end of business day, called on Sunday only to find out that they were closed. Monday morning I called and the man who answered the phone wasn't sure what exactly was going on and said that he would check with the technician and call me back. One hour later I received a phone call and they let me know that they had a delay getting a part on Saturday, but that it was now in their possession and that the vehicle would be completed that day, Monday. One hour before close of business, I still had not received a phone call, so I called them again to see if my car was still on track to be completed in that last hour. They told me that they thought they had called when they completed my car, and that it was ready to be picked up (I never received a phone call). I go inside to pay for the repairs but can't pick up the vehicle yet because I have my husbands car, so once he gets out of work he drops me off. Upon getting in my vehicle, I see a wire and lightbulb hanging on the floor, and the clicking/tapping noise was coming from both sides of the vehicle and was much louder and more prevalent than when I had dropped it off three days prior. It also didn't stop after turning the vehicle off. I didnt even make it out of the parking lot before pulling back in and telling them that the issue wasn't fixed. The man at the desk told me that he would take the key and that he only knew about the oil leak issue, not the actuator so I would have to call in the morning at 7AM when they open. They wrote a note on my intake form that the actuator needed to be looked at and that they were to include that repair in my quote. I have work today and was glad to hear that they opened before I head in, at 8AM so that they would have one hour to hopefully fix the problem, only to be informed that they don't open for repairs until 8 AM, when the techinicians get there. All in all this has been a terrible terrible experience, lack of communication and clarity, problems not being fixed and my car being worse off after spending $1300. I won't be using this company again.

Update: Called this morning (Tuesday) and told the man who answered everything that was going on and he asked when I could bring the car in. They have my key and the car is sitting in the parking lot, again poor communication between the staff. He stated that he saw the note about the actuator but it never got onto the work order???

Sun Devil Auto #25 replied:

Kayla, we certainly understand your frustration and apologize for the confusion that ocurred with your recent experience. It is our understanding that you have spoken with our Service Consultant regarding your concerns and it was explained that the original cost for the repairs was broken down by each oil leak. However, the actuator repair was overlooked and not included in the price, for that we are very sorry. As an extension of our regrets, we have offered to complete your repair at a reduced cost. Our Store Manager would like to speak with you regarding your experience, unfortunately, he is unavailable this week but will be following-up with you, upon his return, next week.

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There is no one I trust more with my vehicles. The guys over at Sun Devil Auto are stand up guys that provide quality work. They are very informative with work that needs to be done and walk you through every step of the process. Hands down, the best shop I've been to.

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Parker and staff did a phenomenal job but then the staff always does