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What others had to say

4 stars Verified customer

great pa!

1 stars Verified customer

The office staff is unorganized and rude. Because I made an appointment online, I was treated like a criminal for not following protocol.

1 stars Verified customer

The clerical staff is rude and they treat you like you are putting them out. They guarantee a wait time no more than 20 minutes, but I've never waited less than an hour and I've been going there for 2 years. Once they do call your name, you wait in the exam room another 30 minutes or more. I have complained about rude staff and things have gotten better. The nurses are always excellent and friendly. Cudos to them. I had never seen Dr Maxwell until my last appt. and would not have known it was him until someone said hi to them. The lab they use is super expensive especially when you don't have insurance, which is the reason I originally went there. They have a sliding scale, HA! You have to have nothing, indluding a job before you qualify and don't cut you any slack. I finally started receiving Medicare but before that my visits were $92 to see a PA! I just really hate the place and am actively looking for a new doctor. This time I am going to do a lot more research, so I don't end up in the same boat.

5 stars Verified customer

I have been going to Wade Medical Center for over 30 years. They have taken care of my Children who are all grown up and out of college.

I continue to go there because of their friendly, always helpful attitudes. It's like going to visit friends.

They get you in to the room so quick that I hardly ever have time to even fill out my update papers before they are calling me to the back.

I am always excited when Ms Helen is my nurse!

5 stars Verified customer

is the best physical doctor ive ever had she knows her stuff :-) n im much healther because of the great work of dr, Perez !!!

5 stars Verified customer

A strong word of thanks for the excellent care given to me recently during my illness. Ms Best is literally the best. The professionalism of all at the office is amazing. One can't help but feel that you all care greatly for your patients. Thanks so much.

5 stars

It's great that you have a web site now, love it! Just love the doctors and staff you all have been really good to me. I can tell that everyone that works there cares about the people that come through the doors. Thank you so much for all you do :)